Monday, December 10, 2012

Now I Know Zeppelins True Meaning Of Black Dog!

Oh its that time of year when we get cards from all of our friends pretending that they really aren't in full schadenfreude mode wishing the coming year is as bad as theirs will probably be. Hey, the White House, still occupied by a muslim socialist foreigner who stole the election from Lord Mittens of Boxingfanville by using a non existent organization called Acorn, sent out their card also. And Fox News is out-foxing-raged at the non mention of the birth of Jesus (the lord not the gardener) in the card. Goddamnit, they even rubbed in our faces by sticking a black dog on the front of the card and we know what those muslim kenyans think of dogs? The nerve!!!

Why this is the most insulting card since George W Bush put that giant phallic thing on the front of the 2008 card (probably urged on by First lady-elect Moochelle)and in effect told the nation to suck his crank before he left office with that kick ass economy Nobama screwed up so bad.

Yeah Fox News, you are the only link to true Americans we have any longer. Excuse me while I weep for America.

There, a nice shot of good old American owned Budweiser got me back on course. Keep up the good work, Fox News looking out for traditional America. Hey, tomorrow tell us something else we can gnash our dentures over. Hey, a little tip. I heard that black dog's name is Bo! Short for Bo-ys marrying Bo-ys!

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