Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa And Captain McClusky!

Ah let's all calm down. It's Christmas time and despite the Child Massacre advocates attempt to screw it all up for the rest of us, let's deny them that pleasure. Ignore the death threats and bizarre justifications for child murder and let's all enjoy ourselves with the traffic and the bumping and the shoving and the family meltdowns this fine holiday season.

Just pop a Haldol, start drinking, and put on that wonderful Christmas movie you all love. In my case it's The Godfather. Nothing gets me more choked up than when Michael and Kate come out of a cheery decorated Christmasee Macy's right before he finds out the Don has been gunned down because Fredo is all Three Stooges in one. And oh yeah, I begin weeping when Mike goes to the hospital to see his poor father and sees the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the hallway right before Captain McClusky cracks him in the jaw.

Let's all have a "Merry Christmas" or for you atheistic or non Jesus hell goers, "Happy Holidays". I prefer to hear "I've frisked a thousand young punks". Gets me every time!

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