Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is That A Thug Or A Goon?

Yep all together now. What's the word that comes after the word "union"? That's right, "thug" and /or "goon". Fox News has video end everything of union "thugs" and union "goons" beating up Steven Crowder, Fox News contributor and alleged comedian. Crowder, who hasn't ever in history said anything that remotely resembles "comedy", was punched repeatedly in a heavily edited video by both "thugs" and "goons" and maybe even a "boss" or two. For what? Oh I dont know, he was just standing around being all patriotic and shit and some guy just punched him for no reason. Anyway, that's where the video starts, some guy just clocking Chowder for no reason at all. I'm sure Steve was just reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or something and made that union thugs brain short circuit because its been so soaked with Obama socialist commie propaganda that he couldn't react any other way except to punch that fine American "comedian".

So now we, and by we, I mean the 65 to dead year olds who watch Fox News can get their bloomers all in a knot and holler "seeeeee I told you them unions were all a bunch of bums and freeloaders" right after they get off their Medicare provided scooter. Sean Hannity will STILL be showing the fucking edited video in 2020 when Hillary Clinton is running for a second term. Right after he shows the Black Panthers from 2008 that is.

Steven Crowder, comedian, known for such gut busting comedy as dressing in a bear suit and stealing children's Halloween candy just to be a dick. You know, like Obama is a dick for trying to tax the job creators. Such irony. That man is brilliant. I'm sure he has created a battalion of 6 year old Republican zombies who already are glued to The Five instead of Spongebob. More like "hey Johnny, remember when that douchnozzle from Fox News took our candy? Yeah I wished I'd have been the one to jack him in the face"

Karma, Stevie. Karma!

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