Friday, December 14, 2012

It's All Bob Costas Fault!

Too soon? I mean its never too fucking soon anymore since every two days some crazy lunatic exercises his 2nd Amendment rights and whacks a bunch of innocents because his life doesn't resemble the Kardashians or something. But today. TODAY! A whole lot of 5 year olds were massacred by a hell dwelling maniac with a fucking gun. Yeah, there are other consistents to these mall shooters, these domestic violence enthusiasts, these political assassins, these movie theater bitters, and these school killers. Yeah they are all mentally ill and walking the streets thanks to Saint Ronnie. But they all also have guns. Guns they bought legally from some profiteering asshole who once he fondles the cash, doesn't give jack shit about what the shaved headed cross eyed oddball who bought 4 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammo does with his new toy.

20 children. 20 little children are dead. Little children who went to kindergarten this morning to hang with their new friends, learn some stuff and then get killed because this nation doesn't have the balls to tell the NRA to go fuck itself and put the same restrictions on guns they do on driving a car, the other weapon the NRA tells you is so dangerous.

I am so angry right now I can say this with gusto. Yeah, I wish Obama had the nuts to come take your guns away. I know it's not going to happen but I have a dream. I hate guns. I used to own one. I got rid of it. Firing a gun gave me no thrill. I didn't pop a chubby when it went off. In fact I was appalled by it. That's not to say if you get a stiffy from firing guns and pretending you're going to stop a madman is wrong. It's just silly. And it identifies a deep seeded hatred of anything alive. Sorry, but Dr. Max's Dad has spoken.

There are people all over this nation who fired guns and actually did stop madmen, whether in the Pacific, or Europe, or Korea, or Vietnam, or Iraq or Afghanistan. And a lot of them are all fucked up now. That's what happens when you get to fire your gun a lot. And of course somebody shoots back. You don't like it.

So stop the paranoia gun nutz. Nobody will do shit. Massacres will continue. Obama will still be President. And you will buy more and more guns praying you can play Charles Bronson someday.

I abhor the violence. I abhor the NRA. I abhor mentally ill maniacs walking the streets with no shot at getting help. And I abhor those who buy more guns today.
In fact I abhor guns so much, the first person who makes the inevitable "well if those kids had been armed, this wouldn't have happened" statement, I'm gonna shoot them.

With a lot of VERY LOUD words of course.

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