Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well At Least They Are Taking The News Well!

Well at least the righties are handling their crushing defeat well. The sun came up, the stock market went down, and Nebraskans sent a bullying witch to the Senate. Just another day in the US of A. Wait, what? The righties are angry? No way!

Ted Nugent, has been Republican guitar player and chronic adulterer, was very succinct and wise in his comments on Obama's win. Ted, lyrical poet that he is, exclaimed, " Pimps,whores and welfare brats and their soulless supporters have a president to destroy America". Wow, Ted, turn that into a 13 minute self indulgent tune you play at your next white supremacist rally.

Victoria Jackson, unfunny plus sized blonde SNL mystery cast member, "can't stop crying" because, ta daaaaa, "America died". Somebody do something to uncross those eyes and knock some sense into that empty head.

Patricia Heaton, pint sized ex wife of Ray Barone, decided to weigh in with her expert economic analysis by stating "Bracing for 4 more yrs of high taxes, high unemployment, high debt" and topping it off for you stock market investors with ""At least the president can't blame the mess he's 'inheriting' on anyone else but himself!". And you thought Axel was the dumb one on The Middle.

The dumb Baldwin brother, Stephen, apparently hanging around with Trump too much blathered on with this philosophical gem, "2nite Gods Spirit lifted within me&joy came over me, I will serve the Lord, my hope is in Jesus not Obama, Gods wrath is upon US. 2Thes2:11" Hey Alec, did you drop baby Steve on his head and didn't tell anyone?

Karl Rove, dark prince of the earth, simply argued with fellow Fox News propaganda artist Megyn Kelly about Fox calling Ohio for Obama. Megyn, not as delusional as I believed, told Karl "it's over" to which Rascally Rove shot back with "I think this is premature…” .....there's something really dirty about that exchange. And disgusting.

Fox Radio loser Todd Starnes, apparently not talented or blonde enough to get on Fox News TV decided to go all judicial on everyone's ass by yakking " well the first order of business should be a full investigation of Benghazi-followed by impeachment proceedings". Wow, Todd, you're regular Sherlock Holmes, investigating and solving it in 27 syllables.

Brian Kilmeade, the emptiest chair on Fox & Friends, actually became dumber than Gretchen Carlson when he jumped into a very intellectual discussion of Hurricane Sandy's effects on the election and how it helped the Prez by stating "Then we're the shallowest country in the history of man" . If anybody knows anything about shallow, it's Fox, Friends, and Kilmeade.

Pat Robertson, snake oil salesman, wonders aloud "What is up with the American people?".Uhhhh they've figured your bullshit out, Reverend Crazy Eyes.

And good old Rush, the thrice married Oxycontin addict, just said ""We Are Either Outnumbered" Or "One Of The Most Outrageous Thefts" In "The History Of Elections Has Taken Place"....Rush, you sit in your basement talking to an imaginary man named Snerdly. Of course you are outnumbered. Duh...

The Vatican said hey congrats on the win despite our blatant attempts to sway our sheeple but of course reminded the Prez that they really hate abortion and birth control. Ok, red beanie boy followers, turn in your rosaries and bibles by next week or else!

These people never fail to fascinate me. By next week they will all be back to bashing Obama, collecting their gigantic paychecks, and thanking the lucky stars that Barack Hussein Obama won re-election! After all, everyone of those people voted for Obama to keep the gravy train going full steam ahead. What more could these greedy charlatans ask for? Keeping the nitwits on the hook for another 4 years. It's easy. And if any of them DID vote for Mittens, they truly are as cretinous as they act. Come on, that cannot be! Right?

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