Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thank You Hibbing,Minnesota!

Hey thanks Hibbing, Minnesota for spawning Robert Zimmerman 71 years ago. Bob Dylan roared into a 20% filled arena (WTF is wrong with people? Two days of Taylor Swift sells out and 3500 show up for a legend?)last night to help Max and I forget about all the political bullshit for about 3 1/2 hours or so.

Now you either love Dylan, hate Dylan, or have no idea who Bob Dylan is. If you love him, as I do, you know what's coming. If you love him and have never seen him, SURPRISE! I've seen him now three times and he gets better each time as far as I'm concerned because he's, well he is who he is. Hey folks, you are not going to recognize any of his songs because he changes them to the way he wants to do them now at age 71. And he's earned that right. If you go see Bob Dylan, you are going to hear all new music. Yeah you still figure it out about halfway through the tune when you hear the croak of his voice say "Tankel oop in blooooo" (like the case of the 20 something dude in front of us who once a lyric was actually decipherable would stand and wooo hooo).

The first time I saw him I wasn't sure. The second time I got it. This third time, WOW! This was Max's first and though it confused the kid for a bit, he got into it soon enough. Let's face it, Bob Dylan's band is now a boogie band heavy on the driving bass and Dylan pounding keyboards and that's fine with me. He never speaks, he introduces his band, and he plays his music. That's it. If you have an appointment and need to get someplace, he's the guy to see.

Highlights included, oh hell, you wouldn't recognize Thunder on the Mountain, Highway 61, or Blowin in the Wind anyway so let's just say the whole thing was great.

Mark Knopfler opened and played new music almost exclusively. No Money For Nothing, no Sultans of Swing. It didn't matter because the former Dire Straits frontman still plays a mean ass guitar. Loved him too. And he did Brothers in Arms so that made it a great opener. You won't be disappointed arriving early to see this act. And a song about Sonny Liston? Brother, you know how to please Max's Dad!


Bon said...

Not everyone can say Bob Dylan sang to them on their birthday.
Hope it was a happy one, old man.

Max's Dad said...

Hey I can pretend he sang Happy Birthday to me. Hell, considering you can't understand but 1 out of 5 words, he may have! Hope all is well, young lady!