Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cosmic Bob For Senate!

I have no idea if you've seen the Steve Martin endorsement of Bob Kerrey in the Nebraska Senate race. If you haven't, google it. It's worth watching.

I also have no idea if Bob Kerrey can pull of a win Tuesday in the Nebraska Senate race. The odds say hell no. Reality says ehhhhhhh, probably not. But there is hope.

I know the Nebraska Senate race is of no big whoop to most people outside of the state that worships red, both politically and footbally. A month ago, Bob Kerrey trailed an obscure Joe Ricketts puppet named Deb Fischer, a state senator here (trust me, being a state senator here in Nebraska is kind of like being a Mormon in Utah, no big deal). Deb Fisher was rolling with a double digit lead simply because of that "R" next to her name over the former Governor and two term Senator Kerrey. But then.....

Seems Deb Fischer is a fucking bully. An intimidating presence in her gigantic people-less county she kind of ran like a thuggish Ma Barker. Suing neighbors to obtain land that wasn't hers and losing, ramming bills through the biggest pussified legislative body in the world, the Nebraska Unicameral, to keep the family she lost to from selling the land to the state as a state park just out of spite. Running ad after ad featuring her grinning back stabbing mug and saying how she would balance the federal budget while cutting taxes and reinstating pre-existing conditions and cutting young people off their parents insurance (oh she said she'd repeal Obamacare)& flying on her broom back and forth from DC.

Then all of a sudden, the ads changed. Deb Fisher began responding that her family was being attacked unfairly. That the lawsuit was a simple "land boundary clarification". Then Joe Ricketts, instead of spending money on his shitty baseball team, the Cubs, pumped another $250K into her floundering campaign. Republican "heavyweights" like Mike Johanns (???) began standing up for her "character".

Now the latest poll shows Bob Kerrey only 3 points down. Could it happen? The Wicked Witch of Valentine sent home to bully people half her size?

Hey,we can hope. As last resort, Bob Kerrey can wear his fucking Medal of Honor around his neck, talk about his tenure as a University president, his governorship, his two terms as a Senator and his starting up of the best cheese frenchee joint in the Midwest. What's she got to brag about? Her squatters rights lawsuit, her stealing of gas tax money to fix the untraveled roads in her desolate wasteland of a county, or her sky writing ability on that broom of hers?

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