Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down Goes Frayz-ahhh!!!

I don't know who showed up last night in Denver, but it apparently was a caffeinated Mormon and a Lunesta filled "Christian". As usual, caffeine wins over sleeping pills but for chrissakes, somebody give Obama a Monster before the next "debate".

Before we all commit mass suicide over this speed bump, let's take a look at what happened. Hell if I know, I didn't watch because I value the 55 inch HD TV in my living room and was afraid I'd throw my grape Mad Dog 20/20 though the screen trying to knock Romney off kilter. This proved to be a wise move on my part, because watching the epitome' of pure evil, The New York Yankees, clinch a division was less ugly than what I could have witnessed. The unchallenged bullshit of a pathological liar like Mittens Romney out there for every undecided nitwit to digest. On the other hand, are there any undecided nitwits?

Barack Obama is not rope a doping. The altitude in Denver wasn't a factor. Obama is not out of it. Obama is not "lazy" like that Cuban son of a bitch Juan Sununu says. Obama is not suffering from the flu. Nope, Obama is just like the rest of us. He thought he could take the exam without studying. And though he passed with a C, on the curve he failed miserably because Niedermeyer Romney memorized the answers and did what he does best, lied his ass off.

Mittens must have popped a giant Mormon stiffy as while he lied, furiously convincing himself he didn't say something he just said, nobody bothered to say hey Mitt, you're a big fat liar. Faced with a sleepwalking Obama zombie and a senile alien eyed Jim Lehrer, Mittens was in Celestial Kingdom heaven. Lying and lying and lying with no chance to even whine at the moderator or bet walking dead Obama $10 zillion that his accountant did indeed suck, Mittens was running downhill and not even stumbling. My God, I'm surprised Romney didn't feel so unbeatable that he started baptizing Anne Frank again right onstage.

Joe Biden must have been gripping like Mick in a Rocky movie growling, "come on Barack, knock his fuckin block off"! But it didn't happen, so it's up to Joe to get this train back on the track. Hey, everybody has a bad night, but when the Miami Heat drop a game to the Washington Wizards by a lot, a team meeting needs to be held.

So come on, Team Obama, get your shit together and listen to Joe. Next time you better eat lightning and crap thundahhhhhh. Or we all are going off the cliff. Willing or not.

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