Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpin Ryan!

My stars! That beastly Joe Biden, you know the one who actually rides the Amtrak with icky people, was just rude to that nice Paul Ryan boy the other night. Why I never!

This seems to be the reaction of the Republican hierarchy, and by that I mean anybody at Fox News or CNN (who I am really beginning to hate). Biden was condescending and rude and disrespectful and acted like he knew everything while that Paul Ryan, a very serious policy wonk (see above pic), stated facts and figures and was in awe of the Vice President of the United States with so much respect that he called him "Joe". Shows ya how folksy and respectful of his elders that nice young man was while that old hobo Joe kept calling a sitting United States Congressman "Paul". Harumph! It's terrible when Joe calls Paul, uhhhh "Paul", but hey no problemo when Paul calls Joe, uhhhh "Joe". That seemed to be the CNN take. Very very important stuff, Wolfie.

Now Fox, the 40 pound dumbbell of the Republican party, now they were aghast! Not so much of what was said, because most of what Paulie said was lies, but of Uncle Joe laughing at the kid's bullshit. Now of course when Sir Romney of Mittensland interrupted and bullied that black eyed Jim Lehrer, all the while hopping up and down like a tweaking meth head , that was aggressive and a winner. When Joe Biden does it, it is utterly the behavior of a man who needs rehab.

Fox News is funny. Well, not really, but if you don't laugh at Gretchen Carlson or Megyn Kelly's furrowed brows as they express real concern about America's direction, you will throw shit at the TV, no I mean real shit, like Joe Biden acting like a crazed baboon debating that cool bro, Paul " Wisconsin Shore" Ryan (see above pic again if you can stand it).

Fox's Brit Hume, a cranky mumbling old man, called Biden a "cranky old man". Greta Von Susteren, a plastic faced unlikable "interviewer, called Joe "unlikable" even though she likes him. Sean Hannity, a delusional liar, started speculating if Joe was drinking bourbon, keeping his "speculation" tally a big fat 0% . Way to go, flathead. Charlie Krauthammer, a droning Phantom, called Joe "disrespectful". Of what? The Beav and his statistics and junk? Chris Wallace, whore son of a legendary newsman, said he had never seen a debate where one side was more "disrespectful" of the other. Hmmm, "disrespectful" seems to be the word of the day sent down from Roger Ailes blonde sucking lair. Steve Hayes, whoever the fuck he is, called Biden "smirking". You know, that facial expression permanently frozen on Paul "The Situation" Ryan's mug. Mark Levin, nose picking screechy voiced troll, said Biden was "off his meds". Levin should lend Joe some of his then. Mike Huckabee, former fat fuck soon to be fat fuck again, called Biden "the obnoxious drunk at a party". Wow, I'd like to attend a Huckabee party, who would have thought he'd have booze there? Gretchen Carlson, perhaps the dumbest woman on earth, wanted "to "deck" the Veep. Why not practice on Douchey and Kilmeade first. No concussions possible there. Sarah Palin, much like John Belushi's watch in Animal House, just went off into the tundra with an ox and who knows what the fuck she said? Hey but Sean Hannity's hands were busy while she rambled, I'm sure.

All in all, everybody knows Biden put that punk in his place. Like one of Mittens' lying sons, Chillin Paul Ryan had to be laughed at, chortled at, smirked at, and treated like the dimwit he really is. Just look at that fucking picture above that a man who could be thissssssss far from the Oval Office posed for. Chrissakes, he's an embarrassment, not to mention a lying backwards hatted 43 year old meathead.

Joe, you did good. Too bad you just couldn't send that snot nosed creep up to his room without his Vitamin Water. God knows, he drank enough as it was. Surprised he didn't ask Martha Raddatz, Obama co conspirator, if he could take a potty break.


Jerry Critter said...

No need for the potty break. He had already crapped his pants.

Jack Jodell said...
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Jack Jodell said...

Atlas Sucked.

Max's Dad said...

Yes he did suck and yes he did crap his pants!!