Monday, October 8, 2012

Joseph Smith Is Celebrating!

Oh my god! It's over. Pew polls, Rasmussen polls, Hannity polls, it is a done deal. Prince Mittens of Kobolville and his lady, the Duchess Ann of Stopitland, will be inaugurated as King and Queen of The United States of Mormerica come January of 2013 and that Kenyan Muslim Commie sleepwalker will be deported along with his Black Panther wife and their radical socialist urchins. It is over.

Start Panicking folks. One bad day has cost us the future. All the white people have come home to vote for the whitest man on the planet simply because the black guy was lazy and shiftless, per that Cuban Palestinian asshole, Juan The Iron Sheik Sununu.

Oh I know there are three more debates, two for the tweaking white guy and the stoned black dude and one for the stern 65 year old hippie with the pony tail and Eddie Haskell.

But it IS over. Just ask your average Obama voter. The hysterics are completely convincing.

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