Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Does Staples Have Any Of Those Binders Full Of Women?

I wonder who this Romney supporter thought won the debate last night? That is if you could get him off the Mud Lovin Redneck DVD collection to actually watch it instead of letting Rush tell him what he thought today.

Barack Obama was back. Not putting up with any of Mittens' bullshit, not allowing His Lordship of Willard to dominate the conversation, and certainly not allowing himself to come across as sedated. Of course in white people language (Fox News, Republican hacks on CNN and most of West Virginia) Obama was "angry". Much like Joe Biden was "rude" and "condescending" and "drunk" and dementia'd, Obama was "angry". You know, like that scary black guy at work who scowls at you and secretly wants to rape all white women and most white men. Yeah, "angry". That's Obama. Oh no matter what he said. No matter that Mitt the Smiling Munster looked creepy and lied his ass off repeatedly until called out on it by that CNN plus sized anchor. Oh no, Obama was "angry". Just like all black people, except for that nice shoe shine guy at the country club.

Angry! That's the new word courtesy of Reince Preibus, angry Republican white guy. But of course Republicans have a right to be angry. Such gratitude from the blacks. Free boat rides, 100% employment, Abe Lincoln (though a bit too radical for most current day Republicans), their own private bathrooms, their own private rooms in the Army, their own parts of town, free lawyers for their bad apples, and now, free lobster tails and Colt 45 bought with free food stamps, free money for not working, advantages to get into colleges after their wonderful free public education at their own schools, and free oppressing of the put upon white christian straight males. The gall! And now they even have the Presidency, where Obama has taken all the money from the whites and given it all to the blacks who now live in mansions and hire white maids and drivers.

Had a person text me he never ever hated anybody as much as he hated Barack Obama. That made my night. It meant Obama was fighting back. Pissing off the Romney voters who are voting enthusiastically for Romney because welllll, uhhhhhhhh, because of his position on the fact he aint Obama. And of course he's pale.

Binders Full of Women! Yeah baby! You wimmens are nuthin but a name in a binder. So quit yer bitchin because Mittens has your best interests in mind. Now go get your probing ultrasound, have your rape baby, get paid whatever you're offered and be happy, put up with guy who looks like Mittens pinching your butt and serve your man.

Now THAT, should be what "angry" means.

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