Friday, October 19, 2012

More Teeth Gnashing On The Right!

When Paul Ryan showed up at a Youngstown, Ohio soup kitchen/homeless shelter/enabler place for takers, and stuck his stubby fingers into a clean pot so his handlers could snap a photo of how much Eddie Munster cared about the deadbeats,he became even more of a joke than he already is. Even though Ryan violated Ayn Rand's strict orders from the grave to not give a shit about anyone but himself, Eddie pretended he did. For that, he was ripped by comedians, by the "loser" who runs the place, and by anybody with an ounce of human compassion. Cue the right wing assholes (redundant I know). They began threatening the shelter with phone calls and e mails and the head of the shelter fears for his family's safety. Nice. Alleged "donors" have threatened to never "donate" again. Though I doubt any of these anonymous cowards have ever donated to anything except their own descent into idiocy, just in case this place is losing money you can help them out with a few bucks by sending it to:

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, P.O. Box 224, Youngstown, OH 44501

Let's see, in other right wing asshole news, reaction to Mittens being called out on his lie about Libya and his being kicked in his magic underwear by the foot of Barack Obama is also out of control. As usual, Fox News went nuts. Right wing radio went nuts. That is, even nuttier than they already are. Much as they cried about Joe Biden's "rudeness" and "condescension" that meant Joe knocked Ryan out. Now it's all Candy Crowley, who stated Obama DID say "act of terror" the morning after the murders in Libya, much to Mittens' surprise, who had that "WTF" look in his eyes as if someone just told him the interest rate in his Swiss bank account went down a hundredth of a percent. Even though Crowley didn't even go as far as she should, like saying "Governor Romney, you are a fucking idiot for actually not knowing this", she is evilllllll. She "fed" Obama questions, according to El Rushbo, and should have committed "career suicide" by actually telling the truth. In Limbaugh's world, the truth does not exist. In Fox News' world, crying and whining when your guy gets stomped is the norm, and they do that well.

Finally in right wing asshole news, former Democratic Senator and presidential nominee George McGovern lies near death in a hospice. More on him in a later post. But reaction to the news was swift and predictable in right wing asshole world. Read the comments over at Free Republic if you dare. You will lose all faith in humanity. The Freepers, generally basement dwelling losers, can't get enough of gloating over the deaths of their opponents. Arlen Spector was shaking hands with Ted Kennedy in hell. Now George McGovern, a decent humanitarian WW2 bomber pilot, is being ripped by these blood sucking asshats. On second thought do not go over to that website, you will never think of humanity the same.

Finally, in a personal anecdote, driving home the other day I came upon a Toyota Corolla with bumper stickers that said "Defeat Obama" "Somewhere In Kenya, A Village Is Missing Its Idiot" "Romney/Ryan 2012" "Where's the Birth Certificate" "Get a Job" and another "Defeat Obama". And that was just on the back bumper and back window. As I passed the car I saw the driver, a little old white lady who could barely see over the steering wheel. As I moved back over in front of her, I saw more. More "Defeat Obama" stickers on the front bumper and TWO of them on her fucking FRONT windshield. Wow, if I was a right wing asshole, I'd have run her off the road and there'd be one less voter I didn't like. Being a left wing asshole, I just shook my head and thought about running myself off the road to get out of the nutbag world.

It's getting rough out there. Let's hope we keep the right wing assholes in prime form for another 4 years. They wouldn't know what to do if they won.

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