Monday, September 7, 2009

Your Brain Is Sleepy!

By all means, nutjobs, keep your kids home from school Tuesday when the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, will secretly convert your children into Muslim zombie suicide bombers.
I don't know what your school district is up to when it comes to Obama's speech to the schoolkids regarding staying in school, getting good grades, and washing their snotty hands? All I know is here in red country, no on second thought we voted for Obama in 2008, the school districts in the burbs and in the military dictatorship-run district to my south are not showing his speech to the kids. Too many of their stupid parents have followed the hypnotic orders of their radio masters and called in to threaten the folks who run the schools so its a no-go. The big school district has left it up to the teachers. The district Max attends hasn't said a thing.
Why is this happening? Because hypnotized adults are afraid that somebody other than some fat drug addict on the radio will tell their kids the truth. Stay in school, get good grades, and wash your filthy hands. That as opposed to the crap the man in the box tells them. Hate the poor, hate the minorities, hate the liberals, hate the President, and by all means, hate yourselves. Phenomenal.

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Jack Jodell said...

"Hope-nosis"? Haaaaaaaaaa!!! Thanks for the great belly laugh, Max's Dad! This latest outrage by the knuckle-dragging, ignorant far-right, just like their behavior at the health care town hall meetings, is thoroughly ridiculous. Let's face it: these idiots are ignorant, paranoid, anti-progress, and anti-intellectual. They have absolutely nothing of benefit to offer this country going forward, and they represent the Dark Ages.