Thursday, September 3, 2009

Health Care, Stat!

I don't usually delve into stats or argue policy because I just don't have the time, the intellect nor the desire to bore the hell out of anybody reading this little blog-o-mine. Oh I could do it and state that 18,000 Americans die each year due to lack of insurance. Or I could state 30 million people are uninsured because they lack the funds to purchase insurance and that 80% of that 30 million (24 million) are working full time. I could give you a number of 13 million younger people between age 19-29 who have no insurance not only because people of that age feel indestructible but because they can't afford it. Drifting off yet? How about another stat of 25 million people who have dangerously inadequate insurance coverage. About 10 million uninsured are non-citizens (booooooooo!!!) but they aren't going to be covered under ANY health care bill out there. Oh shut up Gramps, it's true. 11 million are uninsured because they don't know anything about Medicaid, most of these are kids, poor kids. And then of course we have the Rush Limbaughs and the Glenn Becks and the Sean Hannitys who make so much money they don't need any insurance and really don't want anybody else to get it either.

Let's see, 30 million plus 13 million plus 25 million plus 11 million equals 79 million people who are living on a prayer. You may think prayer works as a health plan, but I'll bet if you're crass enough to believe that, you also have insurance. This all reminds me of a little card my Dad carried in his wallet. It said, "I am a Catholic, in case of emergency, to hell with a priest, call me a damned doctor!" That's all we are saying to the "I have mine, to hell with you" people. Call a doctor, and make sure he's paid by somebody and if its the government well that's just the way it is. Just like a cop or a fireman or an EMT. Call them. Pass this damn health care bill now.

Sorry for the numbers. I'll go back to my vapid, sarcastic self next time.

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Jack Jodell said...

Here's one guy who will thank you for presenting thl numbers. They are all valid, and the staggering reality they paint is that a full 25% of this country is within a catastrophic illness of abject poverty and bankruptcy. That is unacceptable and indefensible. It is truly immoral to have this situation exist in the midst of health insurance execs denying millions coverage while paying themselves 8 figure incomes, and pharma execs paying themselves 8 figure incomes, and both groups of execs making far, far more money than even the very highest paid physician or specialist. The "I have mine, to hell with you" crowd can all GO to hell!