Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Congressman Douche Bag I Presume?

Hey everybody, it's South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) who found it necessary to holler at and heckle the President during a joint congressional speech this evening. How many trailer parks are there in South Carolina and why do they get their own representative? I hope Nancy Pelosi serves up this guy's balls at the House cafeteria tomorrow.


Jack Jodell said...

What a loser. Guys like he and Michael Steele, and women like Virginia Foxx, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin should all just gargle with Tinactin to get rid of the fungi in their mouths from having put their feet there so often! I wonder what it's like to have itchy teeth like they do?

Just Kevin... said...

I'd guess he's just accustomed to yelling sheet at black guys as they walk past the live bait stands in South Carolina! (with apologies to Project Christopher)

Project Christopher said...

I would take offense at the trailer park reference or the "sheet at black guys" if it weren't for the terribly sad fact that your inferences are correct albeit a blanket generalizaiton. However, it's not all there is and there is hope. South Carolina, like any state, has its down sides, but it has potential. And while I still think it will be the last state to accept gay marriage (and they all will eventually) I still must hold out hope that my home state will surpass the idiocy that permeates so much of it.