Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Man In The Green Van, Out!

This guy, Van Jones, resigned from his job as Creator of Green Jobs or whatever it was with the Obama Administration under pressure from Fox News, Glenn Beck and the old egg cracker, Matt Drudge. Let's examine his "crimes".

1) He called Republicans "assholes". He meant it as a compliment when asked why the Republicans only needed 51 Senate votes to get anything done while the Democrats can't do squat with 58 Senate votes he replied "because they're assholes".

2) He stated that it's only "white kids" who are shooting up schools like at Columbine.

All right, he told the truth twice and got booted because Republican flacks like Fox, Beck and Sludge twisted it and got their sheeple to start up the old e-mail machine.

I get it, in the Republican world, if you lie and cheat and are incompetent you get the Medal of Freedom (George Tennant). If you tell the truth, you get the one way ticket to obscurity (Tom Ridge).

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