Sunday, November 2, 2014

It Sucks!

1)Two more days and the deluge of bullshit permeating your televisions will be over. The Republicans will take over everything, Ebola will kill everybody in Maine, the abortion and the birth control will be over so white people will be forced to breed like rats to put the kibosh on the minorities getting too uppity cuz of the numbers and all that, the ISIS will all be scared to try that beheading shit cuz an actual turtle will be leading the Senate, the poor will learn their place and shut the fuck up, people who get sick can just go ahead and die like before cuz of Ayn Rand and stuff, the cops will be able to shoot anybody they want to with no fear of any consequences, oh wait, that's how it is now.

2) Joni Ernst is a nut. And it looks like, because once again, The Democrats have put up a complete stiff like Bruce Braley, Joni Ernst will become a United States Senator from Iowa. Yay Iowa. You will soon have an octogenarian crank who gets worse each day and now a kook who wants to shoot Feds who come into Iowa and tell citizens that their kids can stay on their parents health plans to age 26. That's a shootin'. Iowa, you aren't that crazy. Well except for that district of Jesus whackos who keep electing Steve King (The Devil-Ia)to Congress.

Joni Ernst still thinks they found WMD's in Iraq, has gone to the Sharon Engle 2nd Amendment remedies screed, thinks that implementing Obamacare should be a crime to anybody who mentions it, and quite frankly, looks like that college professor who waltzes in that first day and gives you that creepy smile and you immediately know you will be visiting the administration building to drop that class. Good Luck Iowa with that blathering nitwit.

3) Hey I am glad that US Marine Reservist Paul Tahmooresi has been released from a Mexican jail for violating their gun laws but shitbird, it's THEIR fucking gun laws. Mexico. A furrin country. Now I understand that Americans are an arrogant sort, guns guns and more guns make them safe safe safe. But don't exercise your 2nd Amendment rights in a place where they don't have that amendment. Not smart.

Tahmooresi became cause celeb for all sorts of scumbag politicians who couldn't care less if the Mexicans fried him on a spit but saw the opportunity to bash Obama and appeal to the dipshits who see the word "Marine" and get a gigantic hard on. Well now Tahmooresi has been let go and those same politicians will use this guy, who may be crazy and certainly has one helluva case of PTSD, to further their own ambitions.

Dana Rohrabacher, a cynical creep from California, who blames climate change on dinosaur farts ,is front and center on the Fox News blaming Obummer for being "AWOL" on getting the gun toting Marine out of Mexican jail. Rohrabacher is a guy who was hell bent on going to Vietnam in 1965, but got sidetracked by going to Cal State Long Beach, then just had to go to USC to get a Masters. So oh damn, the draft,errr the war ended and he couldnt go save Long Beach from Charlie. But non veteran Rohrabacher called Nobama not invading Mexico a "slap in the face" to all veterans. Now Dana can go back to talking out of both sides of his big mouth.

4) Jack Hoffman is a 9 year old brain cancer patient getting chemotherapy treatment for the umpteenth time in his fight to stay alive. Jack brings tears to my eyes everytime I see him. The kid is a fighter, the kid is an inspiration, the kid is everywhere fighting to help others in this fight to stop pediatric brain cancer.

But yesterday, on the sidelines of a Nebraska-Purdue football game. Jack said it better than anybody when asked on national TV by Jeannine Edwards what the game ending injury to Ameer Abdullah. He said, "it sucks"...

Yep, Jack, it sucks. Brain Cancer. Injuries to Heisman Trophy candidates. And The Great White People Temper Tantrum of 2014.

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