Monday, November 3, 2014

Please Vote!

I'll tell ya what bugs me about this election and the impending takeover of the Reichstag by the Huns. It's the age of these interlopers. Chrissakes, once you get into the Club, its virtually impossible to get them out because of the money that their puppet masters will fork over to keep them in, and the fact the American public is so fucking busy trying to overcome the policies of these assholes they vote along the lines of yeah I've heard of them, what the hell. Jesus, locally around here, the same fucking people get bored being a utility board member so they move onto a local college board, then move over to some obscure county office and they keep winning. Christ, talk about living off the dole, which most of them also oppose, unless it's them of course.

Who in the hell is a young Republican thee days? Well plenty. Now I sincerely believe to be a young Republican, and by young I mean just north of dead, you are one of two things. Either you are a very observant, cynical, cold, soulless con man/woman who know that conservative white folk eat up the victim card, love the Obummer bashing without dropping the n word, think the media hates them and will fall for anybody who tells them what they want to hear OR you're a kook, a lunatic, a nut, a whackjob, a dope.

The first group would be your Limbaughs, Levins, O'Reillys, Romneys, Coulters, and yes, Reagans. If anybody thinks the previous list includes anyone who actually believes their own bullshit, Hello Suckers!! You have participated in a con game so large it pays them all millions and millions to lie to you.

The second group would be your Palins, Hannitys, Cruz's, Bachmanns, Perrys, and yes, Joni Ernst's and Ben Sasse's. These are the nuts, the loony birds, the unhinged. And they are young. Shivers.

Joni Ernst is 43. Ben Sasse is 42. Cory Gardner is 39. Tom Cotton is 37.

Wow, thats a lot of crazy to go. A whole lot of years of nutty statements to come.

Ernst, an Iowa pig castrator, believes the UN is coming to take your land. Sasse, a so called Nebraska Harvard educated lunkhead thinks violating the law in the name of one's religion (I assume he means fundy christianity only) should not be prosecuted. Cory Gardner, a Colorado mouth breather, thinks the chicks should just shut up and have babies for the love of gawd. Tom Cotton is a jug eared Arkansas believer in paying down the federal debt by increasing interest rates on 20 year old college kids and cutting taxes to the Koch Bros.

All four of these young Republican nutjobs could be a Senator for life. For Life. Like Chuck Grassley, an Iowa dope who has been in office for 35 years. Or Mitch McConnell.

Get out and vote Tuesday. It does matter. Or these Personhood Screwballs will be there forever. Hey, it's only the rest of your life too.

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