Monday, November 3, 2014

Advice From Jimmy Malone!

That Obama. Remember back in 2008 when he quoted Jimmy Malone about bringing a gun to a knife fight and the conservatards all got their secret panties in a wad cuz ya see, that Obummer is a thug and a Chicago ni,uhhh nitwit.

Well I thought ya'll be happy he brings a drone with a missile to an ISIS knife fight but I guess not cuz Republicans are all nice family people without a mean bone in their body. Nosiree.

Check out Jennifer Horn, a kind of bowling ball with arms and a big mouth. She wants to hold people's heads under the water until they drowned or something. Too bad that stringbean dumping water on Mrs. Horn didn't think the same thing, but that would be wrong. Right? Only gubmint should be drowned, or at least shot at by Joni Ernst.

And then we get some drunk holding hisself up by the podium yammering on how a disgrace is a disgrace and how disgraceful and disgracing Nobummer is.

So tomorrow, bring that gun to a knife fight and send them to the political morgue they belong. VOTE!

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