Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ungrateful Kaci!!!

Look at those 5 star New Jersey accomodations that left wing Marxist uppity Ebola free nurse twist Kaci Hickox had while in Chris Christie State Prison for People Who Dared Sass Him. Geez, lady, what are you complaining about? There's an election to win coming up and Republicans thrive on fear and bullying tactics and especially fear.

While in the Chris Christie Jail For Chicks Who Need A Good Spankin', Kaci Hickox was not really all that thrilled with the box with a hole in top for her non Ebola bathroom needs. So she said so. A lot. And pissed off a lot of fat Republicans.

So let the trashing of Kaci Hickox begin.

Did ya know she's a registered Demoncrat? Did ya know she's a secret CDC employee? And we all know Obama's CDC will be instrumental in killing off all good Republicans with the Ebola virus since most Republicans are at least 65 years old, sucking up government money, figure something just aint right about that Obummer character and immune system challenged due to their eating Elmers Glue while young children in the one room schoolhouse.

I heard kazoo voiced radio yeller, Laura Ingraham, today yakking about Hickox's Linked In account being scrubbed, her Google cache account has been sanitized and she's just so damned bitchy about being forced into a nice room by that kindly old Doctor Chris. Now, Laura, the odds of anybody who listens to your daily kazoo symphony knowing what the fuck Linked In or Google Cache involves is about the same odds that Endiomologist Expert Chris Christie becomes either President or healthy. Zero.

Science. Bah. Loudmouthed females. Bah. FEMA Camps For Republicans? Oh yeah, that is totally believable. Car Thief Darrell Issa wanting people to throw up on buses full of Ebola. Oh yeah, watch out. Obummer will totally send suicide Ebola thrower uppers onto public transportation.

I fear the stupid virus is becoming more rampant than Ebola. I'd take my chances with Ebola vomit before I'd take my chances with Stupid Vomit.

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