Monday, October 27, 2014

Kris Kristy Kreme!

Imagine my surprise last Saturday when looking down onto a football field in Lincoln, Nebraska and some fat guy in a Rutgers tent is standing there. Nope it's not Ralph Friedgen, nah certainly it's not Mark Mangino. It took till I got home to figure out that Chris Christie was there humping for billionaire boy Governor to be, Peter Ricketts.

Trust me folks, that picture above is a rogues gallery of dumb. We have a woman dumb enough to marry that guy to her left, the diminutive taxpayer sucking Governor of Nebraska, Dave something or other. Then we have Doctor Chris Christie, and then finally a trust fund baby Nebraskans will soon trust to run their tiny little state just like he runs the Chicago Cubs, Peter Ricketts. You see, Rutgers was playing Nebraska in football on Saturday and what better way for the Scientist that is Chris Christie to come help Ricketts get over that underprivileged hump he has overcome than to pose for pictures with Petey and Heineman and watch a football game involving two Universities that not one of those three pricks have never attended.

I mean I've seen some pieces of shit walk on that field before, Clarence Thomas brought particular joy to me as I screeched "Get that asshole off MY football field" much to the chagrin of my Republican neighbors. Rush Limbaugh descrated holy ground once as I sat speechless thinking somebody will certainly throw something at him, like logic. A Rod, with nothing better to do since he's suspended from baseball hopefully forever, slipped his slimy self onto the field this year and Larry The Cable Guy's down there every freaking week gittin er dun, sometimes with rarely funny comedians. Nah, Larry's harmless, but get the fuck off the field every week. You're wearing out yer welcome Dan.

Anyway back to Infectious Diseases Expert Chris Christie, Republican also ran 2016. Quarantining nurses and leaving the state? That sounds a lot like that Texas nitwit, Rick Perry. But in quarantining a nurse named Kaci Hickox, who put her life on the line helping people less fortunate, Doc Christie has once again showed himself to be the "soverchiare" he is and can't help but be. And after the nurse, Kaci Hickox, didn't bow down and let Chris Christie PHD in Toro Merda bully her, he changed his mind and backed down and let her go back to Maine where that dipshit Governor of theirs will make an ass out of himself again.

Hold on now, Ebola expert Christie did not "reverse himself" by letting the loudmouth broad go back to Maine, he simply heard she was not ill, which he could have heard 5 days ago, and let her go. Presumably in a lead box surrounded by New Joisey state troopers. And some day, kindly Doc Christie said, the disrespectful dame will appreciate his good sense and catering to Fox News viewers with one foot in the grave and shitferbrains.

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