Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's The Matter With Nebraska?

Geez, I usually have to wait at least a week or so before I have to take back something I said. Well here goes. That Nebraska movie, where I said we all have common sense and are really nice? Fuck that!

We have a Governor's race here where we get to replace a short little Republican fuck with another perhaps taller Republican fuck. Now last time we had a Governor's race, and by governor's race I mean the 2006 Republican primary because the Democrats put up a scarecrow every 4 years now, we had a race between a classy, legendary football coach named Tom Osborne and a guy from Fremont who used to dress in a little suit when he was a wee Fremonter (he still is wee, I mean when when he was 8) and pretend he was Governor of Nebraska. The football coach lost, thank Gawd, and went on to save the Huskers from the clutches of Bill Callahan. The tiny Fremonter won and then was re-elected in 2010 when the Democrats found the one guy in the state who was a crooked Democrat and he dropped out.

Now the current Governor, have I mentioned his name is Dave "Fremonter" Heineman, has to leave cuz of that whole two terms thing and a whole new set of assholes have crawled out from under the rocks. Despite Heineman's right wing prick reign here, he was never a loudmouthed Mark Levin type. Now......oh my......nothing but loud mouthed asswipes are vying to get the Republican nutjob vote.

Their ads are goddamned awful as they vie to be the most right wingy , pro life, pro gun, pro being a dick candidate ever. Fuck Mexicans, fuck women, fuck pussies with no guns, fuck President Blackenstein, fuck liberals, fuck homos, fuck poor children, fuck everybody except the oppressed white Christian male majority and their subservient women.

This is the future for a decent people? I mean one of these shitheels, current Attorney General Jon "Fish Eyes" Bruning has photos of himself glaring at Nobama and promising to "fight" him. I assume Bruning will leave his sheet at home.

Pete Ricketts is a rich prick from Chicago who keeps his house here so he can run for office every once in a while and has new hope since his Daddy bought our current United States Puppet Senator, Debbie Fischer (Rickettsbitch-Ne)a nice cushy job for 6 years in 2012. That after Daddy failed to buy Petey a Senate seat back in 2006.

Beau McCoy is another jackoff who apparently is running against Rachel Maddow. Jesus, Beau, nobody voting in the Republican primary knows what she looks like because they have their grizzled mugs staring at Megyn Kelly with their hands in their pants every night. Give it up.

The rest of these Republicans are nobodies. Same old ads. Same old stances. I'm just waiting for the lynching Obama ad which will take one over the top.

I weep for my state. Well, not really. I just am very sad these dicks have taken over here too. Welcome to Kansas. What's wrong with us?

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