Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ryan's Dope!

That is Wisconsin vampire Paul Ryan (EddieMunster-Wi) speaking in front of that devil sponsored CPAC convention. You know the Conservative Political Action Conference, that yearly event where Republican doughboys go to snarl at the poor and meet up at the Ziegfields/Secrets in their Ronald Reagan leather masks after the snarling is done for the day.

I challenge you to listen to that failed Veep candidate carry on about how the poor don't give a shit about their children like "they" do and not want to reach through the screen and throttle that jug eared motherfucker. This guy has gone beyond pissing me off now. This widow peaked fuckstick, who survived on his dead Daddy's Social Security benefits, slipping in some bullshit story told to him by a hack out of Scott Walker's office about a little boy who just wanted a sack lunch and no Government cheese.

“What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul.”

Excuse me while I clean the vomit off my keyboard. You, you pious cheese chomping prick, offer an empty stomach AND an empty soul.

No wonder Uncle Joe was laughing at YOUR empty soul.

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