Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moochelle, Ma Belle!

So much disrespect and pure racial hatred for the Prez for 6 years. You know the Prez, that black guy right wingers hate not because they're racists or anything, it's just cuz he's black, not that it means they're bigots cuz you libtards always go straight to the race card. Yeah yeah, libs are the racists not us!! Now where's my misspelled not racist funny sign that shows Nobama as a witch doctor cuz that's funny cuz he's from Kenya.

Well, you think that's bad. How about Michelle Obama aka Moochelle cuz ya know that's funny not racist cuz ya know like black chicks like to get free stuff and we're just pointing that out. A couple of "Christian" radio hosts who shall remain nameless got all "offended" when Moochelle Obama went to a community health center in Miami and told them they were doing "God's work" by helping the uninsured sign up for Obamacare. Well of course, to these two nitwits, that meant Michelle was a goddamn Nazi for killing children by aborting them at Planned Parenthood with her long ass fingernails and how dare she and she's all evil. Yep, there's people who say that on a radio show with tens and tens of listeners who probably all have guns and love Jesus.

Michelle Obama has been every bit as big of a target of racists and lamebrains for 6 years as her Muslims usurper husband. Michelle Obama has as much disrespectful shit thrown at her as Obummer. Right, Rusty DePass? Rusty DePass is such a Republican South Carolina name.

James Sensenbrenner (Fat-Wi)doesn't like that Michelle tellin his kids to eat vegetables and stuff. Fuck that. We eat cheese and brats up here in Wisconsin and besides, Michelle has a big ass. Look in the mirror Jimmy. If you even have a reflection.

Oh yeah, remember when the traitorous Michelle Obama got all Black Panthery and dissed the American flag by whispering "all this for a damn flag" during a 9/11 ceremony? Yeah me either. But to gullible e mail recipients all over this nation, they sure as hell do.

The latest is that Bill Maher is such an idiot and a liar that he used one of those Michelle Obama quotes and attributed it to the widow peaked jug eared numbnuts Paul Ryan (Leech-Wi). See, the libtards lie, they lie! No dumbshits. He tricked his guests. Gosh, Michelle Obama is just as not racist as Paul Ryan (Smug-Wi) cuz she doesn't like kids wantin to be ballers and rappers and wants them to be teachers. Nope, Paul Ryan said they wanted to lay around all day and not do anything cuz that's what their no good worthless Baby's Daddy's did and now its a whole culture of lazy shiftless "inner city" dwellers.

Moochele Obama,and her daughters and her mommy,being the grifters they are, all went to China on the taxpayers and stayed in million dollar a night hotels and threw taxpayer money off the Great Wall of China that the commies built to keep their citizens trapped so they could work for American corporations for 2 cents a day. Remember when Saint Reagan told Mao "Mr. Tung, tear down this wall?" or something like that? Well that commie Michelle Obama told the commie spies to all come to Amerika and really asshurt patriotic "Mericans everywhere. And she played a some a ping pong with more commies. Man she is a disgrace to First Ladies like Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan who were at least white. And if America had been smart and anointed Mittens Romney to his rightful throne, the death stare of Ann Romney would have made Putin run for his life and none of this Ukraine shit would be happening.

Michelle Obama has been savaged like no other FLOTUS ever. Hey, nasty right wingers. I know the hate is in your hearts to begin with and your brain tells you what to say to articulate your not at all racist views. But lay off Michele Obama, she'd not only kick your ass, she will take a handful of broccoli and "shove it down your throats". You know, like the gays always are doing to you. You wish.

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