Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aqua Buddha Storms Berkeley!

Oh look at that. Rand Paul (President in 2016 fer sure-Ky) in jeans, rappin with the kids at Berkeley about the big bad government infiltrating the Free Speech movement and killin all those Black Panthers that don't exist except in the twisted mind of Roger Ailes. Yayyy Rand Paul, Power to the People Baby, Right on! I could see the ghost of Mario Savio!!!

Rand Paul is the kind of guy who appeals to 20 year olds who want to smoke dope, and uhhhhhhh, smoke dope. Paul appeals to the 17 year olds fascinated with Atlas Shrugged and put Ayn Rand's poster in their room cuz she's like for freedom man. You know, the kind of kid who thinks Ayn Rand is a dude and told the government to shove it on the way to cash the Social Security checks.

Rand Paul is the kind of guy who appeals to people who hear him say "I'm going to give you a million dollars" but then start screaming like they've just seen a Beach Boy and don't hear "but first I'm going to cut out a couple of your organs to give it to the rich guy over there". Listennnnnnnn. Please.

Rand Paul is the latest darling of the political press. He's a fuckin shoo in in 2016. How can he lose? He spoke in Berkeley!! It's over! When you lose Berkeley, it's over Democraps! 50 state sweep! You think Putin's your hero now, just wait till 2016 when Congress consists of 535 right wing, errrrr, patriotic Republicans and the White House is in control of the Aqua Buddha. You libs are finished. Rand Paul and his freedom loving supporters will brutally crush you cuz FREEDOM!

Riiiiight. Rand Paul is a fraud. Elected to the Senate by Kentucky. The same state that gives us Mitch McConnell and the place Mark Twain or somebody else very smart said "“When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky because it's always twenty years behind the times”. Kentucky and 400 people in Berkeley do not make a juggernaut.

Hey folks, lefties who like Rand Paul because he's all for "privacy" and will stop technology in its tracks from snooping on you as you post everything about your life on social media and then expect nobody to notice except your BFF's. Rand Paul is the same old right wing kook as your Daddy's right wing kook. He loves freedom so much he wants to outlaw abortion in all cases, he wants the gays to stop being gay and get back in the closet, and he wants to make the world safe for child killers andmass murderers by repealing any common sense gun laws.

Rand Paul is just this moment in times Fred Thompson or Gary Bauer. By 2016 the press' precious Rand Paul will be pimping reverse mortgages or falling off a stage in New Hampshire.

Hopefully the latter. It never fails to amuse.

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