Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Republican Sweep!!!

A special election to replace dead Congressman Bill Young (Secretary Marryer-Fl)was held yesterday in Florida, so actually it's just a good thing no Republican voter shot a few black Democrats for threatening their way of life. The result was a good one for the Republicans who kept a seat they've had since about 1836 when Young was first elected on the Slave In Every Pot platform.

The new congressman-elect is one David Jolly (Bribe Artist-Fl)a former lobbyist and another bitch of the Koch Brothers. Jolly spent the entire campaign, or rather spent Koch Brothers money hollering Obamacare is going to take all your Medicare money and death panel you into the Gulf of Mexico as fish food. Old white people are sick to death of Obamacare stealing all their free money and giving it to the blacks and browns and all the rest of the 47% so they scootered out on their Medicare scooters and voted Republican cuz they are sick of all the freeloaders.

Meanwhile the Democrats and their loser chick candidate Alex Sink (Actually Lost To Rick Scott-Fl)are finished as a national party because of this election. It's obvious that soon enough, because of the overwhelming hatred of the Dictator Barack Hussein Obama (Anti-Christ-Kenya)that Republicans will win every single seat in Congress in 2014 by yelling Obamacare will murder you in your sleep and the Socialist Marxist Nazi Secretly Gay Obama will be impeached by a huge 535-0 margin very quickly in 2015 and everything will be fine.

Yep, it's gonna happen in 2015. Impeachment. And then the patriotic Republicans will take us back into the Garden of Eden where no gays can get married, guns are everywhere, white people can shoot anybody as long as they aren't white, abortion is not even thought of because all babies are precious unless they grow a little and want a fucking free lunch at the voucher school led by the Christians with only minor child abuse convictions, the sludge and gases pumped into the sky and water mean JOBS JOBS JOBS, the science gets a lot easier because everything is made by God, the Russians become pussies because of God's huge nuke he gave us, Allah believing Muslims will be forced to stop all that creepy chanting and listen to the soothing bells of St Marys, all the Mexicans will be deported back behind that dang fence, Liberty University will become the Harvard of the Jesus States of America and Medicare and Social Security will be eliminated and the savings be given to the Koch Brothers because they worked hard for it while you slacked of your whole life.

Ahhhh, 2015, now that David Jolly (Future Nobody-Fl) has shown the entire political pundit world that the Republicans are the force that cannot be stopped, even by an unstoppable juggernaut-ette named Alex Sink (Bank of America Hack-Fl), just don't even hold elections this fall. All you Democrats, just give it up now. It's hopeless.

The only problem is, I am not so sure most wimps who calls themselves Democrats don't actually feel that way.

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