Monday, June 10, 2013

Whistle While You Leak!

Ok #1 you are NOT a whistleblower, you are a leaker. There's a gigantic difference. A whistleblower exposes illegal activity either by corporations or by government. A leaker just exposes shit he doesn't like. And for that reason, I really don't care if Ed Snowden gets redacted or whatever other tin foil outcomes he may have conjured up in his mind. Oh they will find you, Ed, and running off to the "free speech" paradise of China (?) isn't gonna save you.

Now I hate to get all right wing here, but I think this asshole needs to be stuck into the cell next to Bradley Manning and watch Bradley walk free. Manning, in all his recklessness of releasing virtually everything he could to that Australian sex maniac, Julian Assange, at least released some relevant information showing airborne American flyboys firing on defenseless civilians and journalists. Now that, I assume, is illegal. What Snowden leaked, and then ran off to China (?) was information that the American government, the NSA to be exact, is grabbing your phone records. I will wait for you all to get up off the floor with that stunning information. Ok, regain your breath? It may piss off the Rand Pauls of the world, who live in some sort of fucking dreamland where they can shoot anybody they want, turn back the blacks at the door, and wear some sort of muskrat on their head, but it is not illegal. Sorry, folks, but its not.

What is the real "scandal" here? Well to me, its that 29 year old high school dropout can go to work for a private company, make $200K, and then leak anything he wants to some rogue professional gadfly like Glenn Greenwald, whose work I have enjoyed by the way. What the fuck! This is what privatization of military functions does to a national security already fragile at best. If these private companies aren't stealing pallets of cash, or overcharging soldiers for meals, they apparently let uneducated goofballs have access to anything they want. Yeah, teabaggers, privatization? Really? This Snowden character has no chain of command, no reins, no nothin. He can just grab what he doesn't like, after piling up years of $200K a year cash, and then pretend to be some sort of fucking hero. At least Manning had some sort of chain of command to answer to. Whether he should or not is another argument.

So before people assume my kneejerk reaction to this is to hail this guy as some sort of Daniel Ellsberg, it's not. This smug jackoff doesn't impress me a bit. And for any American to be shocked, or pissed off at this, is naive' at best and downright stupid at worst.

Meanwhile, I must get online and pay all my bills, sign up for newletters, write this screed, check my bank balance, pay my phone bill and then get my panties in a wad that somebody out there may be looking at the information I voluntarily provided.

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