Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tax Avoidance Status!

Has the Tea Party stopped screeching yet? Of course not, like a sleeping pit bull suddenly stirred by a loud noise, these professional victims of black and hispanic suppression are now howling over the IRS targeting their 501c4 organizations for some extra scrutiny over their tax exempt status. Now as soon as your average tea party enthusiast flips over to Sean Hannity so he can tell them what the fuck a 501c4 organization is, boy are they pissed. How dare that Internal Obama Racketeering Service put my favorite, whats is it, 501 jeans organization, under scrutiny!! That Nobama proves he's a commie socialist who sat in the White House with popcorn and red kool aid and watched Ben Gazzara die over there in Casablanca and laughed about it last year whenever Mitt Romney said it happened.

Now MY reaction is this. Why in the hell is a political hack organization , either run by a crawling snake like Karl Rove, a couple of robber barons like the Koch Brothers or even a furriner like the master of the universe and puller of Nobama's puppet strings like George Soros, tax exempt?

Karl Rove started this 501c4 bullshit when he formed Crossroads back in 2009 or so and then in typical Rovian fashion, lied his ass off stating the organization was for fact finding and truth telling and not spending hundreds of millions of dollars to attempt to elect 65 IQ dimbulbs to Congress and a Three faced Mormon to the White House. You see, if you tell the IRS you aint gonna spend that much attempting to get some sort of Bangla Deshian type government but simply want to be some sort of think tank, hey thats ok with them. Tax Exemption earned.

After this scam worked, well you got every teabag wearing chain smoking 70 year old government moocher in a Medicare provided scooter starting their own Get The Black Muslim Out Now tax exempt clan. Shitbird, if I suddenly was inundated with hundreds or thousands of kooky tax exempt applications and every fucking one of them were so non creative as to put "tea party" in their name, I'd be a bit curious as to why this was happening also. Good for them. That's good government scrutiny and all thanks to that George W Bush appointed IRS head guy. THERE , I said something good about the worst leader in the history of leaders.

Oh and by the way, tea party afficianados, NOT ONE of your bullshit organizations was turned down for tax exempt status. So you all pay no taxes and add to the debt you hate so much and now join that 47% you all hate so much, and keep collecting your well earned Medicare and Socialism Security benefits. Yep, everything is normal at Tea Party Central. You're pissed off, you're wrong about everything, you're racist, and you're all fat. At least between the ears. Get on your scooters, physical or mental, and go play in traffic.

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