Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spoiled Milk!

Back in 2009 out there in California, noted Austro-Mexican Merger advocate, Governor Arnold "How the Fuck Did He Get Elected" Schwarzenegger signed a law to turn all the kids into raging homos by celebrating Harvey Milk Day. This comes up next week and California parents are concerned that by being told who Harvey Milk was (yeah he's been dead for 35 years) that he will rise from the dead and persuade their male children to start making goo goo eyes at each other and start believing in science or something.

Yep, some asshole named Randy (hmmm) Thomasson (fuckin foreigner with two S's) has an organization, tax exempt I am sure, called Save California and is really really upset over this honoring of that gay San Francisco radical queerbait who had the nerve to get in the way of Dan White's lunchtime NRA target practice. Randy, who looks a bit like a queenie Louis C.K., is running ads and trying to scare California conservatives into keeping their little urchins home on Wednesday so they wont be subjected to things like this:

» Pro-Harvey Milk reading and writing assignments and tests
» Making children watch the fictional film “Milk” in class
» Having children participate in cross-dressing contests, mock gay-pride parades and mock gay weddings
» School assemblies teaching children that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality are good and natural and maybe even for them

Shit, where was that kind of fun when I was doing time in Catholic school for 12 long fuckin years? I'd have killed to see a film like Milk, instead of the Greatest Story Ever Told all the flippin time. Cross Dressing contests? Mock Gay Pride Parades? Mock Gay Weddings? Bring it on baby! Hell, sounds like any football game I ever went to at my all boys Catholic high school!

But hey,all those LGBT activists, when they aren't swishing around demanding radical shit like equal rights and wanting the right to not be fucking beaten up or killed by repressed closet cases are out there covering up things you all should know. According to Randy C.K, the tinkerbells are covering up:

The dishonorable deeds of Harvey Milk
Harvey Milk was a liar
The negative effect of SB 572 upon schoolchildren
SB 572 targets kindergartners and tramples parental rights
"Drinking Harvey Milk's Kool-Aid" by Daniel Flynn
Poll shows 4 out of 5 Californians oppose "Harvey Milk Day"
The health hazards of homosexuality and bisexuality
73-82% of HIV transmissions are from homosexuality and bisexuality

Wow, that's a lot of covering up. Dishonorable deeds, lying, making Kool Aid? Sounds like the last Darrell Issa campaign.

Negative effects of SB572, targeting Kindergartners, trampling parents rights? Jesus, sounds like every school south of the Mason Dixon Line when some godless science teacher mentions the remote possibility of Darwin being right.

A poll showing what? You mean those things none of those idiots believed when they showed their Mormon savior getting his magic underweared ass shivved by a Kenyan.

Health hazards of homosexuality? Like what,derision for not plucking your unibrow?

And I had no idea that mentioning the name "Harvey Milk" will transmit HIV to the little darlings, well at least 73-82% of them anyway. 73 to 82 is also the average IQ of your normal Save California member.

Thanks Arnold. You gave them Harvey Milk Day and now all their kids are going to start dressing like The Village People and blasting the Weathergirls. Christ, they may even look at the Wizard of Oz in a whole new way instead of the way it should be looked at, in sync with Dark Side of The Moon.

Save California, Randy! Move!

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