Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For My Next Trick I Will Swallow A Football!

This is Chip Saltsman. Chip wants to be the head of the Republican National Committee. What are Chip's credentials? Well, he ran Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign and took it farther than anybody ever thought it would. But Huckabee lost to an old guy who lost to a secret Islamic terrorist so Chip is still a bit weak in the old "name me one accomplishment you are proud of" interview question. But Chipper is no dummy. He knows what kind of people are still proud to admit they are a Republican. You know, the kind who tells you how funny Rush Limbaugh is. The kind who laments the loss of a good old Polack joke. The kind who finds parody songs witty. Chip decided to send out free CD's of a tune affectionately overplayed on the EIB network called "Barack the Magic Negro". Excuse me while I compose myself I am laughing so hard.

Please, Mr. Republican, make this guy your next chairman. Please. Please. While you're at it, please grease the skids to make Tripp Johnston's grandmother your next nominee in 2012. I'm already giddy and the Magic Man hasn't even taken office yet.


Just Kevin... said...

Wow! You are a wordsmith! You write about her again and avoid her name!

Project Christopher said...

You know he couldn't work for McCain... if TWO people showed up on TV with that chipmunk cheek crap going on it would look just plain weird!

And I agree with Kevin... You could write for Harry Potter talking about "She who must not be named" Can we call her Governor Voldemort?