Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Think I've Spotted The Problem!

Ya know I don't really know much about recessions and slowdowns and economic meltdowns and bailouts, but I do know about piss poor management and the American car business is the most ineptly led industry outside of the Chicago Cubs. What kind of blind nitwits who live through the gas lines, the oil boycotts, and the sharp increase in gas prices in the 1970's learns absolutely nothing? Why, it's the American automobile industry followed closely in 2nd place by the American public. I am tempted to say screw both of them, and have just done so, but the far reaching effects of an automobile industry shutdown is just too devastating.

The Republicans oppose this bailout for one reason. Is it because it violates the rules of capitalism? Is it because the taxpayers are getting the driveshaft? No, it's because the Republicans despise unions. Busting a union is a GOP'ers wet dream and the UAW is a big pinata to bust. So throw out the lies about UAW wages being $70 per hour and reinforce the stereotypes of fat union workers sleeping on the job and go to town. That little stunt on Thursday night where the Republicans pretty much asked the union to void its contract? Despicable.

Like I said, I have mixed feelings on this. Bailing out mismanaged businesses is the epitome of socialism. Remember when McCain and Edith Bunker kept calling Obama that word? But what else is there to do? Giving $ 800 billion to these crooks in the banking, insurance, and automobile business makes me sick, not to mention the fact that many of these Republican senators have been doing Toyota and Honda and BMW's bidding for years with tax breaks and outright taxpayer payments to those foreign companies to build plants in their states. $800 billion was more than enough to fund a national health care plan, you know, the kind of thing that makes Republicans have seizures because it helps the poor and the middle class.

So a big screw you to all of you. The car companies, the banks, insurance companies, the Republicans. You just make me crazier than I already am. I'm going to go pull the covers over my face.

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