Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Purpose Driven Inauguration!

Ok by now everybody knows that the fat, smiling, glad handing Rick Warren has been asked by the President-elect to give some sort of invocation at the Inauguration. The left has gone batshit crazy over this slap in the face to their ideals. All I can say is who cares? Who gives a damn what millionaire man of God gets up and prays for the country? The only thing I'd actually listen to is if the Reverend Jeremiah Wright started hollering and rolling his eyes. Now that would be something to watch!

Rick Warren is James Dobson with charisma. Throw a few alms to the sick and poor in your speeches while maintaining your homophobic and misogynistic reality and you have a million-selling author. But once again I don't care if Rick Warren or Warren Sapp for that matter get up and invocate away. It means nothing. Who gave Bush's invocation? Who gave Clinton's? Nobody remembers, not to mention it didn't do any good anyway.

So lather up all you lefties. Maybe with a little practice you too can become outraged at unimportant issues like Bill O'Reilly's crowd tends to do. Or better yet, move on and while Warren is blah blah blah-ing like Charlie Brown's teacher, actually work behind the scenes and get something started.

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Just Kevin... said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought this was a non-issue. Who's gonna remember the invocation, the poem or the third from the last marching bamd? Get a grip! Pay attention to the cabinet appointments. There's a bundle of disappointment possibilities on that list! Regardless, it's still the end of the Bush years! Yippee!