Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And You Thought Spiro Agnew Had A Funny Name?

No folks, it's not some 80's pop star clinging to his look while playing his keyboard heavy oldies to big haired 45 year olds, it's Illinois strongman Hot Rod Blagojevich ducking back under his rock. Where did this guy come from? Who votes for a guy who looks like that? The Republican must have looked like Paulie Walnuts for chrissakes.

It seems Blags wanted to sell the Obama Senate seat to the highest freakin' bidder and got caught on tape soliciting bribes, dropping the effenheimer on the Obama team, and plotting the next St.Valentines Day Massacre. Needless to say, it seems Rod The Hairball will be visiting the special section at Joliet that houses other Illinois politicians.He may have company when Jesse "Kung Fu" Jackson Jr. outdoes the old man and hits the big time by getting indicted for attempting to bid on that freakin' Senate seat.

Oh Illinois, Land of That Frickin' Finnochio Abe Lincoln, what have you done again? Wasn't your last Governor a Joliet resident too? It's been about 143 years since Honest Abe made your state proud. Since then, it's pretty much been one racketeer after another. Let's hope Obama breaks that losing streak. As for Blags, you made Tony Soprano look like freakin' Gilligan. Good job.


Project Christopher said...

He's apparently a fan of the F-bomb for sure. RoBlo is just trying to boost the economy.... yes, for himself, but still....

who am I kidding, can't seem to defend him even if I tried. While one former IL Gov. is trying to get Dubya to pardon him, we have another sliding in to take his place.

Oh well... at least we have Obama. (don't screw this up O)

Burr Deming said...

Very good post on an unbelievably corrupt public official.