Friday, November 28, 2008

The Flag Football Field Is Over There!

Oh it used to be fun when Nebraska played Colorado. That goddamned buffalo Ralphie, the tough play on the field, the Big 12 North at stake, the profanity, the urine bombs, the battery chucking, the assault and battery, the riots, the drunks. Oh the memories. Last year Nebraska took control of this series by racking up 51 points on the Buffaloes out in Boulder. What? Oh yeah, CU racked up 65 points but now we're nitpicking. In 2005, the CU student section out in Boulder became so irate that Bill Callahan was actually beating them, and who could blame them, they threw so much crap onto the field they all got thrown out.

But today, the Buffs come to Lincoln and Nebraska should rack up 51 points again. But this time CU won't be close to 65. More like 14 or 17 or maybe 21. So after out Texas Tech debacle last week we drop to 8-5 on the year. So bet Nebraska, give the 18, and enjoy Buffalo meat.

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