Monday, November 24, 2008

Hailing From Parts Unknown, Alan The Punching Bag Colmes!

In the old days of professional wrestling, the kind that took place in your local TV studio and involved overweight, hairy guys posing as Nazis and Arabs and Russians and Jungle Dwellers, there were guys called "jobbers". Jobbers would wrestle the famous wrestler on TV, look good for awhile and then inevitably lose. Week in and week out, these jobbers would appear on local matches and lose so the famous wrestler could promote the upcoming Texas Death Match at the local arena.

Say goodbye to the Kenny "Sodbuster" Jay of Fox News, Alan "Jobber" Colmes. Every night, for the last few years, Colmes would show up, take a seat next to the Irish blowhard, Sean Hannity, put up a half assed battle, and then succumb to the force of Hannity's conservative claw hold. Finally, Alan Colmes has had enough of hacking for Hannity. He's leaving Fox News, presumably to take a long shower. I just hope on Colmes' last night, he takes a folding chair to the noggin of Hulk Hannity and pins him once and for all.

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Jack Jodell said...

I'm afraid Hannity wouldn't even be fazed by a folding chair. Rupert Murdoch put a choke hold on him years ago, and he's been brain dead ever since!