Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tidal Wave #2!

We now know that this next wave of deadbeats and drifters that El Commandante Trump has appointed is personally approved by the real leader of Amerika, Vladimir Putin. Hey Trumpers, how's it feel that your hero, one Ronald Reagan, who on his own won the Cold War (at least according to you idiots) has now been de-nutted within 3 months by your new hero, the guy who tells it like it isnt, Donald J Trump? How does a brain, a working brain, wrap itself around the post truth "fact" that Reagan won the Cold War against the "evil empire" by spending them into oblivion, and now that same "evil empire" has installed its own puppet into the Oval Office? Oh what, Putin took his shirt off so he's hunky and strong? Oh my, how homo-erotic for you bigots.

Back to the wave of nefarious villains who will be serving Comrade Putin.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

Everybody knows Nimrata Randhawa is the Governor of South Carolina, which is akin to being the captain of the 9th place intramural basketball team. The United Nations has had a stream of unprincipled idiots representing the US over the years, most of whom would have shown the door to the rest of the ambassadors if it was up to them. Haley, who is a real player, wink wink, has the foreign policy experience of most Governors of low level states. That is basically running around the world at taxpayer expense whoring her state out for a few bucks and a cookie. Hell, the only reason Haley is Governor of that state is that Mark Sanford took a trip up the Argentinian Trail and imploded. Well at least until the brain dead voters of the even worse than North Carolina state decided to put the creep back in Congress. Ya know, that R. So good luck Nikki. Try an figure out why your nameplate says "Russia Junior".

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Edward Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt is a land rapist. Scott Pruitt would sell his left nut to any oil executive who demanded it, no no, he'd sell YOUR left nut to any oil devil who demanded it. Pruitt is the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Ok, gather yourself from laughing at that. Attorney General of Oklahoma? Somebody tell Il Douchey that doesn't mean he's a real General like General Mills or General Patton. Pruitt is a loser of so many elections (Christ even Okies didnt want this idiot making laws) that Attorney General was all he could manage to win, thanks to the Oil and Gas sleazeballs. Pruitt thinks being Attorney General of Oklahoma means he gets to sue everybody who might benefit dirt poor Okies who didnt have the sense top leave in the 30's. Sue the government to keep Okies from getting health care, sue the government to keep polluters polluting, sue the government to keep earthquake progress going thru fracking. Pruitt is the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. Fuck, even the creator of the EPA, Dick Nixon, is spinning in his crypt. Satan himself is thinking of paroling Nixon with this bunch knocking on the door.

Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon

For fucks sake, is this a joke? This administration is treating us like a bunch of jobbers. McMahon is the super rich wife of Vince McMahon. Oh do we have to watch this presidential disqualifying act again? Linda McMahon gave Trump $7 million during the campaign. Oh sorry, Citizens United freaks, gave $7 million to a pro- Trump PAC that was busy brainwashing mushy minds into voting for a cartoon character. I give you $7 million, you give me a job? Sounds sleazy to me, but in this current climate, its just smahhhhhhhht. Perhaps at some point, McMahon can explain what she knows about small business. After all, we arent all dumbfucks who think WWE is a sport.

United States Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly

Well the first thing he should do is fucking arrest Donald J Trump for selling out the country to a murderous thug on a horse. But we all know that aint happening. Kelly is an immigration hawk who believes that Latin America is the main threat to Amerika. Drugs, immigrants, cartels. Kelly is an old school Marine. He doesnt endorse candidates, he isnt find of women in combat or in the military at all I am sure, torture is no problem and does not weaken America's human rights high horse. Kelly is a guy you get when the right wing takes over. He's not any more evil than anybody else. He's just a tough old bastard. And he's going to be running an agency that really ought to be abolished.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Billionaire Pyramid Scheme Artist appointed to "educate" America by fellow Billionaire Grifter Con Man Donnie T. DeVos is a school voucher advocate which of course means she just wants to gravitate taxpayer money from public schools to religious based factories of re-education. DeVos has never taught anybody anything other than religious based bullshit. She has advocated destroying reforming public education to "advance God's Kingdom". She regularly quotes Biblical myths to justify her desire to turn the country's children into zombies eating brains for Jesus. She appeared with Fearless Leader at one of his "Victory Tour" stops and demanded an end to Common Core, which not one person in that glazed eyed crowd could explain. So much for Il Douche getting rid of "special interests". Billionaire Pyramid Schemers. How much more "special" can you get? And oh yeah, her brother is a war profiting scumbag.

Wow theres only so much one can take at a time. Can it get worse? Oh yeah. It can. And it does.

Do svidaniya! comrades.