Friday, December 9, 2016

Il Douche's First Wave!

Now that the fascist oligarchy that 46% of the nation and dropping has put into power via a junta let us examine the future. Specifically the scumbags and miscreants that will now run the show here in this banana republic we all love. No seriously, have I said fuck this guy, lately. If not, fuck this guy sideways.

Trump, the guy who shits on a gold plated toilet, descends down an golden escalator followed by his mail order bride, has his own plane, and grifts the dumb out of $20 for a 49 cent goofy truckers hat made in China, but truly has the black lunged coal miner in his thoughts at all times, is appointing his cabinet and it cannot get worse. Or can it? Yes, like it does on a daily basis.

First the ones who really matter, but face no hearings or any questioning from pussy Democrats still trying to get along with fucking spitting cobras.

Steve Bannon---White House Counselor.

The guy is a Neo-Nazi. Anything else? He looks like the right wing professor you had in college who was dumb as fuck, but didnt realize it and had control over your life. You either said fuck it I'll take the C, or you kissed his dumb Nazi ass. Trump is the latter. Did I mention Steve Bannon is a fucking neo-Nazi?

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

This chinless little worm once openly stated that Il Douche would not be the nominee. When Trump became the nominee thanks to a lynch mob of uninformed morons, Priebus fell into line like the good German he is. A spineless little fuck who has the perfect name for his job as the Colonel Klink of this corrupt organization, Priebus can stop sucking dicks for a living any day now. He is truly a cowardly turd that needs to be flushed down Trump's golden toilet.

Deputy National Security Adviser Kathleen Troia McFarland

This former Fox News bigot really hit the jackpot when the Fearless Leader decide she was hot enough to work for him. The anti Muslim creep, oh fuck that, they are all bigoted assholes. The worst part of this harpy's life came back in 1992 when she outed her brother to her parents as a "lifelong homosexual" with AIDS. Oh its a terrible story. Read it for yourself. I don't throw this word around much. In fact I never use it. But in this case I will. K T McFarland is an Irish cunt.

National Security Adviser Michael T Flynn

Flynn spawns kooks as offspring. His son fueled Pizzagate, Look it up if you dont already know its a Trump voter's wet dream. But Mike Flynn is enough of a nut, that its no wonder his DNA has split and become even more dangerous to the next generation. Flynn was shitcanned by Obama for which he has become very Trump like in his revenge seeking. Fired because everything is an Islamic conspiracy from his pizza not having enough sausage to stubbing his toe on an ottoman. Flynn started the loons who walk the earth and voted for a pile of hair chanting "Lock Her Up" at the RNC Screaming like a drunken lout with too much Guinness in him, Flynn was unhinged. But as we all know now, being unhinged is a plus to these 46% and dropping ignoramuses who voted for a lying lump of orange manure to lead the Free World. Flynn, with his whacky mouth and brain at Trump's ear, may truly be the most dangerous one of the bunch.

White House Counsel Don McGahan

Ah Don McGahan. How cute. This former counsel to that rat Tom DeLay has a checkered past not worthy of discussion since basically his job will be nothing but somehow justifying that whatever sleazy shit that hump Trump tries will be "legal" because after all, Il Douche already stated that if a President does it it's not illegal. I suggest McGahan get in touch with John Dean because he's about to repeat history.

And all of these dregs of society are in. Period. Nobody questions Orange Mussolini on these appointments.

Its so depressing and I haven't even gotten to the people appointed to destroy the government and turn the keys over to the actual head of the Government. Vladimir Putin.

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