Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mary's In Labor And Joseph Is Still Hunting Down The Father!

Merry Christmas to anyone who believes in such things. Happy Hanukkah to the original believers. Happy Kwanzaa to those who believe in that. And Have a Great Peaceful day to all the rest of us.

Right now in the Northern Plains of the United States of Russia on December 25th it is currently 40 degrees heading to a high of 55 or so. Oh and its pouring down rain, thundering like a fracking celebration is going on, and I am sweeping rain water off the driveway with a push broom to keep it out of my basement. Those hoaxster Chinese and their climate change pranks.

Anyway its only 26 days until fascism and anarchy take over so lets have one day of fun, merriment and hope. Tomorrow we can go back to trying to stop this madness from engulfing our lives.

Start drinking, smoking, eating or snorting or whatever you do to hold off the despair! And tell racist Uncle Joe to go fuck himself, but wait at least until this afternoon. And if all seems to be lost, watch this. It will make you smile!

Happy Holidays to all!

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