Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trump's Time Of Month!

Man, it's hard to ignore this prick, Trump. The guy is a trainwreck, a bigot, a pig and total classless clod but damn he is entertaining in that what the fuck sort of way.

The Republican food fight is over. For now. Roger Ailes sent his attack dogs out to eliminate this loudmouthed blockhead from the polls in this debate and they may well have succeeded. Megyn Kelly, who looks like a Trump trophy wife, was the bait. Trump doesn't care about a shill like Chris Wallace or a neckless hobbit like Bret Baier, he's busily sizing up Kelly and her blonde locks for his trophy wall. And Kelly hung herself over the boat waiting for the corn husk haired shark to jump. He did.

Of course he fucking did. He can't help it. Donald Trump is a thin skinned bully who really really hates women who stand up to his bullshit. Shit, he couldn't even let go a years long feud with Rosie O'Donnell in taking the bait. Wow. Trump has declared financial bankruptcy on a few occasions and now he has declared moral bankruptcy in front of 24 million people.

After the "debate", which quite frankly I couldn't care less about, Trump took to twitter as he always does to start in with his insults. Kelly is a "bimbo" a "loooozer". Frank Luntz is a "slob". All of this from a so called billionaire at 3 am? So wired up that someone, especially some broad, would stand up to him and call him on his own words he can't even wait till morning. Then last night on CNN, Donald Trump landed on the boat and Megyn Kelly stabbed him with the harpoon. "She was bleeding from the eyes, bleeding from the whatever".

Now that may be funny to the Trump male voters, some of the dumbest living creatures on Earth. However, to most women. Not funny. Oh yeah there's some women who think that funny, more of the dumbest creatures on Earth, but really?

Donald, you're done. Get back on Celebrity Apprentice where you belong. Go back to "firing" "celebrities". Go back to being a pompous ass in front of hundreds of viewers (I admit it I fast forward thru it to the boardroom parts). Go back to fantasizing about dating your daughter. Go back to schmoozing with Gary Busey or Meat Loaf.

Yep, by falling into Roger Ailes trap, by reacting to obvious baiting by blonde chicks who can read a script, You, Donald Trump, have picked the wrong fuckin guy to fuck with!

Bye Bye!

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