Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Mister President!

54 years ago a baby Damien Obama, or Barry Soweto, or Nobama Obummer was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Calgary or the Panama Canal Zone but definitely not in 'Merica. The satan child of Saul Alinsky and Angela Davis, little Barry Alinsky was raised by the Manson Family East in Kenya or Indonesia but definitely not in the U S A U S A! In keeping with the giant conspiracy to one day install a Kenyan born Muslim Nazi Socialist Anti-Colonialist Homo Demoncrat into the presidency, the liberal media and its minions, yep those lil yellow minions, kept up a 40 some year "story" of how lil Barack grew up in Hawaii (sort of America) and went to Columbia University and Harvard though nobody ever saw him in either place and yet he went there on affirmative action cuz he's dumb cuz he's black like his dumb wife, Moochelle. So yes, he never went there but he did go there on the taxpayer dime. Makes sense.

The Soros Family kept up the facade by dressing up lil Barry in University of Hawaii t shirts and swinging a baseball bat even though he was actually on the beaches of Indonesia and swinging a cricket bat. Clever Soros family.

All through his conspiracy fueled life, little Barry Alinsky-Davis just kept believing that someday, America would be so dumbed down they would first elect this son of Ed Asner and Sandra Fluke to the Illinois State Senate where he would totally cause 9/11, then elect him to the United States Senate where he could totally cause Hurricane Katrina and then finally, the Presidency of the United States of America!

Now it's done. The destruction of America thanks to the lil guy hatched from a pod 54 years ago in somewhere totally not in America.

Happy Hatch Day, President Barack Hussein Obama. Keep up the good work!

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