Saturday, August 15, 2015

Good Deal!

Wow. The only thing that was more surprising at that Donald Trump coming out party last week on Fox News than the John Kasich actually doesnt wanna kill all the gays speech, is that Jeb Bush is such a dullard. This guy, the presumed coronation prince, is such a stiff that Hillary started dumping top secret e-mails on Skype for everyone to see.

Now we all knew that Jeb Bush was really the dumb one, I mean for chrissakes he goes by "Jeb", but who knew he was both dumb and dull?

Jeb is in Iowa this week sucking up to people so enamored with themselves every 4 years or so they actually act proud of that fucking butter cow. It's Iowa State Fair week in Des Moines or wherever and every hick from East Moline to Omaha goes to see whatever country act is stealing their money this year. And every dick from Chris Christie to Carly Fiorina shows up to play Harold Hill and fleece the rubes. And despite wearing bread bags on their shoes like all Iowans, the shit is impossible to avoid.

Jeb the Dullard is running around Iowa giving his brother, the not as dumb as Jeb one, a hand job by doubling down on the Iraq War being a good thing, or in Jebspeak, a "good deal". Ya see, to Jeb, who is being sucked off by the same bunch of war criminals that gave us that "good deal", the fact that Saddam Hussein is gone, made it all worth it. All the instability left in the wake of Saddam's demise aint brother George's fault, its that Bill Clinton, husband of Hitlery, and that Obummer guy's fault cuz Paul Wolfowitz and Stephen Hadley said so.

You remember Wolfowitz, the guy with the comb and that greasy hair. Wolfowitz is the guy who as soon as he saw a Tower on fire, instead of hollering "what the fuck" hollered "INVADE IRAQ!!!" Wolfowitz, who ought to be in a foreign jail someplace, is "advising" the dumb Bush on foreign policy. Hey,America, wake up! It's happening again.

And Stephen Hadley. Remember this asshole? The guy who stuck the infamous 16 words into the 2003 State of The Union speech delivered by the not as dumb as Jeb Bush brother. "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Well other than the fact that the British do have a government and there is uranium in Africa someplace, the rest of it was a fucking lie.

Yep, these guys are in Jeb's ear. Remember that for when Trump quits and Jebbie suddenly becomes the party favorite again cuz his name is familiar or something.

The Iraq War was a "good deal".


Tell that to the 4500 American families who lost a loved one in that "good deal".

Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families who lost loved ones in that "good deal". In fact considering 3000 or so lives were lost on 9/11, I think we have made up for it and should call it even.

Tell that to the Tea Party Nitwits complaining about the national debt and out of control spending cuz they really care about themselves their children and grandchildren. Anywhere from $2 trillion to $6 trillion spent on this "good deal"? Oh I know Teabaggers think $6 trillion is how much is spent each year giving the blacks and the gays and the illegals more rights than they have but some may accept reality liberal nonsense someday.

Yeah Jeb, "good deal".

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Jerry Critter said...

It just shows you what a bunch of clowns the GOP candidate cabal is when JEB (John Ellis Bush) is touted as the reasonable one.