Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jimmy Carter!

In retrospect, this is one cool dude. Jimmy Carter. Revealed to have cancer yesterday and at 90 that aint good.

The greatest living ex-president, only a fucking dick would argue with that, who travels the world looking out for the downtrodden instead of enriching himself, is in dire straights. But ya know, Jimmy Carter probably doesn't think so. I wouldn't be surprised to see him out there building houses or feeding orphans soon enough.

This guy came along in 1975 running for President against the likes of Hubert Humphrey and Ed Muskie and all those other Democrats who were shoo ins. And Jimmy Carter kicked all their asses. And my Dad and I were not happy. The smile, the humble act, the Jesus. Who trusted that back in 1976? Nope. This guy was up to something.

We got over it of course. I mean who the hell in my family was going to vote for that stumblebum, Gerald Ford? It was my first vote for President and though Carter wasn't Frank Church he also wasn't a flippin Republican.

Jimmy Carter may have been the perfect man for the time. The 1970's sucked. Forget all the nostalgia and the bullshit revisionist history. The 1970's blew.

And Jimmy Carter took the hit. As America stopped growing up and instead regressed back into believing lies, Carter told it like it was. The famous malaise speech. Listen to it again. He was right. but America wanted lies and bullshit, a trend continuing on today.

Jimmy Carter may have not been the greatest President ever, but it's hard to argue he isn't the best human being ever. Come on, The Allman Brothers standing with a President? That was the best!

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