Friday, July 31, 2015

Abortions 24/7 Step Right Up!

Oh what it must be like to wake up every day just pissed. Pissed that it's not 1955 and white guys still run everything and Mexicans live in Mexico and women don't work and don't put out (wink wink) and the blacks stay away and live wherever they live and what the hell is a homo and everything was just wonderful. Yeah vote Trump cuz he says stuff we say at the bar.

Conservatives wake up that way and have for 6,000 years since Gawd created Adam & Eve not Adam & Caitlin and all the dinosaurs were friendly and let ya pet em on the stomach until that tramp Eve ate the apple and screwed up all things for white men forever. Oh man are they pissed.

What now you ask?

Planned Parenthood. Oh my goodness! That organization that aborts Gerber babies 24/7 and and then maniacally laughs, puts down its chain saw and then sells baby parts to Doctor Frankenstein? That Planned Parenthood? Yep, that Planned Parenthood.

Well of course that must be stopped by the good folks at the United States Congress who couldn't be less interested in catering to dummies and exploiting lies for profits. No way. They are so concerned for babies they may just cry. Oh the humanity. God wants us to attach anti-abortion bills to highway bills because God is the most pro-lifey guy ever. Except for all that Old Testament smiting and shit which we don't pay any attention to unless we want to smite unarmed black people or lousy criminals or dangerous lions. Hey God loves all babies, right? Unless they're Egyptian or something. Or the first born of a cow? Wow, that Bible is one wacky book. I'll have to read one someday before I burn it in front a christian church while discriminating against christians like what happens never.

Planned Parenthood has been the boogieman of all nutjobs for years. Why? Well not so much because of what conservatives say but because of what conservatives actually believe deep down inside their black hearts. That all women are sluts, tempting men all the time into having sex and making men all horny.And because of Planned Parenthood these harlots do not have to suffer the consequences of their temptress ways. Which is being stuck with a baby, I assume fathered by a man, and being shamed and shunned and then when the baby is force born having conservative white guys refuse to pass laws to help babies thrive. Then their harpy mothers can just sit around and think about what they've done. So there! Guys? Move along, it wasn't your fault.

Heavily edited videos featuring baby parts selling and organ harvesting are fine and dandy to get talk radio assholes and pissed off old people all riled up. When the videos show well off white women (grrrrrrrr) being all well off and shit well then it's even better cu we know all women should be maids and secretaries. Yep, some kook burger place called the "Center for Medical Progress" which i assume, like "Americans for Prosperity" is named only ironically has released these videos and fueled AM radio scum for days. I haven't watched the videos because quite frankly I don't give a shit.

Planned Parenthood does good work. It saves lives when it's not aborting babies all the time or in the case of conservatives, doing D&C's. So I don't fucking care about edited videos. What I care about is honesty. And honestly, these Republican congress critters are liars and psychos. Now THAT makes me cringe.

Oh Iowa. Thanks a lot for your total irrelevance yet somehow, relevance. Please I beg you. Vote Trump.

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