Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rolling Stones 2015!

Hey I've said some not so kind things about the Rolling Stones. I admit it. A parody of himself. A 70 year old man chicken dancing. A legendary guitarist who can't play anymore. Another guitarist who can't sober up. And the coolest drummer ever.

But in Kansas City in late June, only cuz the Max-man wanted to go see them, we went to Arrowhead Stadium.


1) Ed Sheeran is a great performer. He can sing, he can write songs, he can perform. I liked him a lot So did some 40 something woman who couldn't stop white people dancing for 40 minutes.

2) Rolling Stones fans are really old. Unlike me of course who is young and vibrant and doesn't have a gray hair on his head. OMG! Is that me? Never mind.

3) Rolling Stones fans are decrepit and love to drink. Shattered is now a song about Stones fans knees. My goodness, it was like looking at a Social Security disability rally. You really oughta take better care of yourselves. Now let's see if I can get up off this couch.

4) Drunk Rolling Stones fans in the upper deck of a football stadium with a close to 90 degree angle set of steps should not start dancing and twirling cuz OOPSSSSSS, down goes Frazier. You are going to kill yourself! How some people survived is a mystery.

5) Ok ok I was wrong about the Stones sucking as a live band. When I saw them in 1981 I didnt much care for them. Then I went back and saw the setlist from then. Yeah I understand you guys thought you were still relevant and shit back then but look at that setlist! No Sympathy, No Gimme Shelter, no Satisfaction? Instead I got a steady diet of She's So Cold, Shattered, Miss You and Hang Fire??? What the fuck! Now do you get it? In 2015 it was what it should have been back then. Look at this setlist from 2015.. My god. This stuff was classic. Street Fighting Man, thanks to Max voting for it online. Gimme Shelter with the great Lisa Fischer sending chills down your spine during Gimme Shelter. Happy, with Keith, one of the top 5 Stones tunes ever. Jack Flash, Sympathy, Satisfaction, goddam they played them all.

6) Mick Jagger is still a bit of a parody of himself but this man at 70 plus is amazing. He never stops going, he never stops running, he never stops overhand clapping. I love ya Mick.

7) Charlie Watts is still the coolest Stone. Period. The man visited the Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Museum while in Kansahhhs City. Charlie was introduced, reluctantly came off the drum set and waved with a puzzled look like why am I wearing this silly hat with KC on it? Charlie is the glue, man. Without him, the engine stops. Watching him drum at 75 years old is also amazing.

8) Keith Richards is actually articulate. I could understand almost 75% of what he said. Was that all an act, Keith? He can't really play anymore what with the arthritis and all but who cares? The licks he can play are still classic and a must.

9) Ronnie Wood. Yep, he's still around.

10) I do stand by my statement that the Stones haven't written a good song since about 1972. Sorry, but it's true. But then, again, either have the Beatles.

11) Concert merchandise is fucking expensive. A t-shirt for $45? Really? I haven't bought a concert tee since about 1984 when Bruce Springsteen was in these parts and I paid $10 for a t shirt that featured the Born in the USA tour dates on the back including a stop on "Oaklahoma City". I still have it. It covers up about half my gut now. But it was $10. Max, being a kid and all, had to have one. I was happy to buy it for him.

12) Driving 3 hours home in the dead of night in a rented VW Beetle can be harrowing. Just ask that family of 3 raccoons in the middle of I-29 somewhere around Glenwood. Oh sorry, I think maybe one survived the Beetle Blast. I still feel bad.

So glad we went as I can now stop thinking the Rolling Stones suck as a live band. Welcome to the oldies circuit boys. Us oldies appreciate NOT hearing Shattered or When the Whip Comes Down or the dreadful Miss You. Oh wait? What? I did hear that? No I didn't, that was bathroom break time. Thank you to my bladder.

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