Saturday, July 4, 2015

Feel The Bern!

It's been a long time since I've been to a political rally. I think the last one was when I had to see this Tea Party bullshit back in 2010 and knew then what an early bird special at Golden Corral must be like.

Yep, Bernie Sanders came to Council Bluffs, Iowa on Friday night to rally the troops in his quest to unseat Corporate Lackey and presumed Democratic nominee Hillary C. Hey this place was nuts. There were well over 2500 folks there screaming and stomping and standing and looking for torches to go get the Frankenstein monster which is modern politicians like the Hillary.

This crowd was young. Like I used to be. Incredibly idealistic and some would say naive but nonetheless these young people want change. Yeah, I realize that 2500 people in Iowa on a Friday night is nothing compared to the thousands more young people getting hammered and saying who is Bernie Sanders but goddamit , it was refreshing to see that they exist. And judging from the parking lot, most of the 2500 live in Nebraska. Where are these kids when lisping turds like Ben Sasse get elected in Nebraska? Ok, stop getting depressed, Max's Dad. This rally was epic stuff.

Sanders has no chance. I know that. But to make Hillary Clinton turn away from her corporate masters for a few minutes to pay attention to the rest of us is worth it. Hey, over here!!!

The news media in Omaha, a small burgh across the river from Council Bluffs. Fuck them! While 2500 plus are going batshit cray cray in Iowa stomping their feet to the thundering roar of left wing populism, aka common sense, the news media in Omaha is covering a tea party rally in a park in West Omaha attended by dozens of old white people sitting in lawn chairs lithening to Thenator Ben Thathe and our illustrious dollar store Lex Luthor Governor , Pete the Trust Fund Boy. Dozens of old white people! DOZENS!!! That's what the local yokels cover?

Of course it is.

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