Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy As A Tornado In A Trailer Park!

Have you had it with these assholes yet? I have, since I was about 5 back when this loser, treasonous, racist, keep me in the 19th century, white supremacist, look at me I'm such a rebel, look at me I'm such a dumbshit, look at me I am a loser, did I mention loser? flag first became all popular among the bigots who are all for states rights and hate minorities.

These are a bunch of Oklahomo-ans and probably Texass residents "greeting" President Blackenstein as he arrived in Oklahomo City to go be where he belongs, in a federal prison for all the crimes he's committed. Ya know, like providing health care for people and tripling the Dow Jones (no Okla-Texass that aint some pansy ass Jew from Noo York City)and killing all them Mooslims.

Holy shit on my shoes. You people are great. Keep it up. Greet President Black Panther with that flag of treason and genocide everyplace he goes. Follow him around in your truck and wave that shit for brains flag all the fucking time. Please. And keep denying its all about race and slavery. Yep, I learned that in my Texass textbook. Keep it up. In fact start following Hillary around with the flag that tells everyone looking all across the nation that I am a racist piece of shit and I vote Republican.

Look at that picture. They all look the same. Camo cap, beards and a dead eyed glaze that says more where's the nearest 3.2 beer coming from than boy am I proud I'm from a land of losers. And yes, how does it feel to be in the back of the bus, so to speak, with all those minorities in front of you thrilled to be taking pictures of President Uppity?

Goddam, there isn't going to be a Republican President again in my lifetime!

Wave it!

PS-- ya know they just love their Jesus in Oklahoma but as they say, Jesus would never have been born there. Something about a lack of 3 wise men. No joke, just fact.

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Burr Deming said...

It is part of racist denial: Racists are evil, but I and those with whom I associate are not evil. So we can't be racist.

An observation from Ta-Nehisi Coates about portrayals in cinema of racial struggles might apply to life in general:

"To suggest that bad people were racist implies that good people were not."

Worth thinking about.