Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Traitor Joe Is A Schmo And Must Go!

A while back, after one Joe Lieberman (I-CT) had campaigned with McCain and the Alaska nitwit against Barack Obama and then came back to the Senate, hat in hand, ready to sit back down and resume his Senate duties without penalty from ruling Democrats, Obama said ahh let it go. Let Joe keep his stuff. I agreed with Obama. I thought Joe was salvageable. WELL I WAS WRONG AND SO WAS OBAMA! Joe Lieberman is a putz. He's a tool of Aetna and his honey Haddasah is a tool of the pharmaceutical industry. How could I be so blind?

It's time to tell Joe Lieberman to go back to the bottom where he belongs and become the "independent" schmo he is. Kick this turncoat shtick drek out of the caucus and strip him of all of his committee seats. Let the Republicans have him. He may be too spineless for them too.

Joe Lieberman is also a liar. His bullcrap about a public option increasing the deficit is 100% untrue. The CBO has said it wouldn't and doing nothing, as Aetnaman wants, is a freaking disaster. The public option now remains the emergency room, paid for by us. Does this increase the deficit, Joe? Hell yes it does. A public option allows the ER folks to get insurance, pay for it, Joe. This guy is so far up Aetna's tookas he can probably find a piece of the rock, too.

Lieberman, doing the insurance industry's bidding, has changed his reasoning on opposing a public option so many times just to stay one step ahead of the posse. At various times he's claimed there's plenty of competition among insurance companies, stated the public would pay for it, wanted to wait until the recession was over, claimed the polls showed the public was against it and now he's all misty-eyed for premium payers of private insurance policies because the insurance industry has threatened everybody with premium hikes. Lieberman needs to be stopped. He's a douche bag every bit as much as any Republican. Harry Reid needs to grow a pair and do something about this schmuck.

Joe, you are no mensch, you're a schlemiel.


Sean said...

When is his term up? I can't believe anyone would vote for him.

Jack Jodell said...

If Harry Reid was ANY kind of MAN at all, he'd lower the boom on that little a-hole LIEberman, the best friend the insurance industry and the military/industrial complex ever had. DUMP LIEBERMAN!!!