Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Just A Ramblin' Man!

Just some random thoughts on some stuff .

1) Fort Worth, Texas. Can you get any more stereotypical than that? Pictured above is Fort Worth's finest which decided last Saturday on the 40th anniversary of gay Americans telling the cops to eff off to start effing with them again. It seems the Fort Worth (it just doesn't get any more Texas than that) police decided to conduct a "bar check" on the Rainbow Lounge along with agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (I am not making this up). Somehow during this "routine check" some folks got the hell beat out them including one who went to the hospital in critical condition. Now if you haven't figured out the cops were beating up the queers again, well there it is. The top cop in Fort Worthless blamed the incident on the patrons, who in their alcoholic frenzy apparently found the cops and agents so utterly irresistable they just couldn't keep their hands off them. I'll bet "It's Raining Men" was even playing on the jukebox. Ok, fine. This guy, Chief Jeff Halstead, who can be contacted at needs to go back to the woods or wherever he crawled out of. Thank goodness for cell phone videos. You might remember that next time you want to eff with the gays, or anybody for that matter.

2) Michael Jackson is gone. He was a tremendous talent and changed everything in regard to music and video and concerts and pop culture. But he's not JFK, or Gandhi, or RFK and he doesn't deserve this worship. Leave it alone, national news. People who watch the news are not morons (well Fox News viewers are debatable) and really don't think the death of a singer/dancer/weirdo is worthy of 10 minutes per 30 minute newscast. Back off.

3) If Barack Obama doesn't star bullying the weakling Democrats in Congress, he is in danger of becoming Jimmy Carter. Just another genius who couldn't git-er-done. This health care debate is prime. The American people want health care reform and the whores in Congress don't. Please President Obama, start twisting arms. This is why you are there. See Jack Jodell's great blog if you want to know anything about health care. I'm not that bright to explain it.

4) Why do the Democrats need 60 votes in the Senate to achieve anything while from 1994 to 2006 the Republicans only needed 50? Remember the big hoo-hah when Jim Jeffords, former Republican from Vermont, changed parties to keep the bad guys from getting 51 votes? Hey, Harry Reid, you have 60 freaking votes in the Senate. If you can't get 51 of them into line you need to get the hell out of the way and let somebody else herd the cats. Jesus, Democrats frustrate the hell out of me.

5) Mark Sanford isn't nearly as slippery or scummy as John Edwards. I have a hard time getting all offended by Sanford, a guy truly out of his league when it comes to politics and love. He is obviously a man so beaten down by religion and the south he can't even see straight. He needs to resign, even though South Carolina may be exchanging a philanderer for an unmarried 40 year old conservative with a rather weird story . Then Sanford needs to move to Buenos Aires and send the child support on time each month. John_Edwards just needs to move somewhere quiet and stew in his own despicable juices. Hey, but I admit he fooled me.

6) Hey, I live in the 20th fattest state and dammit, I'm doing my part. The obesity reports for 2009 are out and Nebraska is really fat, not as fat as the South or most other red states, but we are eating way too much corn or twinkies or something. I really don't like being in the top 20 for that, so I vow starting right around the corner, I'm going to try to get us up to 21 by losing tonnage. Right around the corner. Right after the Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest otherwise known as the annual Why The Rest Of The World Hates Us Contest.

7) Open for debate. Who's crazier? Michele Bachmann or Steve King? Go to and weigh in if you are a Bachmann backer or head off to if you prefer the old cockfighting defender. Oh I know, they're both crazier than a shithouse rat . Apologies to the rats.


Jack Jodell said...

Good observations, Max's Dad, and I'm in agreement with you on all of them. I'd have to say Bachmann is the most insane of them all, though.

Jack Jodell said...

P.S. Thanks for the great plug, Max's Dad! That was very kind of you, and I appreciate it. By the way, You're quite bright, my friend!

Just Kevin... said...

I couldn't agree with you more! As always, you're spot on!