Monday, July 27, 2009

Another SP Takes Over The Fugitive State!

That's Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska taking the oath of office because some other SP said no mas to the massive responsibilities of governing a huge chunk of ice. Parnell has the seal of approval from conservative she-he Ann Coulter so the state full of disturbed loners will see no difference in the hypocrisy of rejecting the iron boot of the federal government while cashing in their annual welfare checks.

Oh it won't be the same. No more winks and English butchering such as "american apologetics". No more paranoia and inability to interpret a joke. No more speeches about Hollywood starlets coming to take guns away from the at-large perps that live in Alaska. Oh, Bible Spice, come south the lower 48 where the rest of us live. Please. Stay in the spotlight, Ms.Mooselini, and keep on appealing to your dim fans. When you begin traveling, Winky McWink, what will Todd do? Can he get away from his job?

1 comment:

Jack Jodell said...

GOOD RIDDANCE TO THAT SQUEAKY, SCREECHY-VOICED LITTLE GIRL-BITCH MASQUERADING AS A KNOWLEDGEABLE ADULT PUBLIC OFFICIAL! As far as I'm concerned, the entire misfit Palin family can board a boat, take it out into the middle of the Bering Sea, and sink it!