Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who Plays A World Series in June?

After being taken over by clinkball for the last 3 weeks, Rosenblatt Stadium welcomed back real baseball last night as the Omaha Royals, all players one step from MLB, returned. Thank goodness for this team, and thank goodness they are staying after the city of Omaha, in its wanton desire to suck the NCAA's toes, ignored the Triple A baseball team and decide to build a new stadium downtown and give exclusive rights to the purveyors of the College World Series. This forced the Royals to seek other places to play. The Houston area, Arkansas, Orlando all wanted them and were willing to build new stadiums for them. But Sarpy County, Nebraska stepped up and will build them a smaller stadium and they will stay.

The College World Series, featuring 8 baseball teams playing a round robin double elimination tournament, has to be the most inept national championship event the NCAA has. This event features 4 hour games, aluminum bats, errors galore, mental errors galore, lousy pitching, and the city of Omaha loves it. 25,000 thousand show up every night to watch this? This proves that about 20,000 of them show up to be seen because they play better baseball 50 miles down the road in Lincoln, who plays in the independent American Association, the equivalent of single A ball.

Anyway, I rant against this crappy event every year, and every year it gets better attendance and better television ratings so I am pissing into the wind. Nonetheless, I am happy the O Royals are back, and the clinkball crowd has crawled back into their hole and await the next event to be seen, which will be Fireworks Night at the stadium where they will all exclaim " Why don't they just shoot the fireworks and make the Royals stop when it gets dark". I hope it goes 16 innings.

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